TFF Farm story time.


East Sussex.
so he was really chuffed to see the gypsies, tramps and thieves turn up in the lower meadow. He remembered the fortune teller, Rosie Lee and her wild ways from way back in the 1960's....


when on reading Kev's father big John's palm warned of the impending doom and misfortune which began with....


"That's all very well about that useless orange has been " said Kev. "But this isn't getting my little end serviced!" he spluttered in frustration. "Feck it, I'm going on that there interweb net thingy and order one of those blow up..."

Oxbury Farm Loans

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British agriculture is at cross-roads, one in which farmers can decide to innovate, be dynamic and resilient. This may require an alternative approach to your current farming production methods.

At Oxbury, we know farmers have inconsistent experiences with their current banks. So, we are stepping up – focussing all our lending on British agriculture and creating opportunities for farm business to prosper in a time of change.

Farming as an industry is known for its resilience, adaptiveness, and ambition; consistently acting as the bedrock of our economy – day in and day out – and Oxbury is ready to support farm businesses take on the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Introducing Oxbury Farm Loans

Growing and innovating your farming business is important for...