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Discussion in 'Fitness and Weight Loss' started by JCMaloney, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. curlietailz

    curlietailz Member

    Did the Parkrun on Saturday
    Really pleased that my goals of:- running all the way, not being last and under 40 minutes we’re all achieved.
    This weeks goal is under 35 mins now

    ( I’ve entered a 5k trail race at the end of this month AND a 10k race in September. )
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  2. JCMaloney

    JCMaloney Member

    LE3 9EU
    Told you it was wet............. yes that`s a free t-shirt !! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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  3. JCMaloney

    JCMaloney Member

    LE3 9EU
    Top work that is!! You are never last at Parkrun.. tail walkers ! ;)
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  4. farmerm

    farmerm Member

    The view from the top of the Shropshire hills yesterday evening was well worth the effort of the climb :wacky: Good job skin is waterproof!

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  5. lazy farmer

    lazy farmer Member

    som/dor border
    Hi thought I’d join in.
    Did my first timed park run today(didn’t have a barcode last week)

    Managed 28mins 53 seconds. Very pleased with this and was much less painful than last week. Looking forward to a week when the bloody wind isn’t blowing.
    I fancy running more than once a week as I want to get down to 8 minute mile pace before going to run at a friends park run. I don’t want her to beat me too far!
    I am a total convert. Park runs are amaaaazing!
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  6. curlietailz

    curlietailz Member

    Well done “lazy farmer”. I’m impressed !!
    I did mine in 35:37 which was a slight improvement on last week
    Loving the ParkRun feeling ( but my legs ache a bit now like)
    Sedgefield ParkRun
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  7. JCMaloney

    JCMaloney Member

    LE3 9EU
    Welcome aboard new Park runners!
    I knocked a whole 7 seconds off last week! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    However it was "one of those days" where I was feeling "old", still done 5k though!!! (y)
    Bigger field this week as it was dry, 455 or so and I sneaked in at 304th.
    Always next week to blast it... :D
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  8. JLLM

    JLLM Member

    25.33 yesterday, got to start doing a few longer runs ready for a 10k on the 30th.
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