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    Hi just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped answer my stupid questions regarding purchase of a used tractor for launching boats and especially Tim Howard for brilliant fabraction skills from a very rough description and dimensions!

    I’m sure I will be back with many more, but without your advice and input we wouldn’t have the very tidy machine we now do.

    Too many people to mention gave invaluable advice for free and saved the club some money and hopefully mean we can continue for many years.

    Thanks again.

    8478E3DF-8F2D-4F6B-83CB-043F766AD0EA.jpeg DDA6F518-600D-4EDD-BE6E-8B3F2BF7568A.jpeg DD72B297-937E-4BA3-8F31-692C5F4D91D5.jpeg 6BA8023E-2D41-4128-8D4E-2A27EE7AFEA6.jpeg
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    Co Down
    A very nice example you have there. Straight forward and simple to operate and easy to repair if the occasion arises and minimal electrics.What's not to like? I would suggest saturating the wheels and under the mudguards and even the whole axles and transmission etc with clear waxoyl or the like.And do it annually.
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    Thanks the pictures were taken before it was waxyoled, which it has now been, looked better before the waxoyl but hopefully it will keep it going longer.

    Still need to get my head around the 4wd engagement and diff lock
  4. Pull the lever for 4wd to be engaged then the front wheels will drive
    Use it on loose surface where traction is limited try not to use it on concrete hard surface in 4wd as it can try to wind up and become snachy which can damage components but them old zeroes are tough so I would worry to much

    Diff lock just press to lock the rear wheels together this giving 2 driven wheels at the rear as opposed to 1
    Again turning with diff lock engaged can result in damage under stress of components on hard surface

    Just remember to use difflock in a straight line is best advice

    Be a trusty old tractor that
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    Thanks would only use lock or and 4wd on the sand to get the bigger boats up the beach there is mud under the sand and it is hard to spot under water. The old tractor 4wd didn’t work so I want to check this ones does and how to operate it...

    I have had some wheel spin slip on the dry sand at top of beach.
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    Like the attachment although a certain NDPB may not like the idea of someone riding like that if they slipped off.
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  7. Basically on sand engage 4wd, tow boat out if slip occurs press difflock to gain extra traction, release difflock when traction and momentum is gained try and release 4wd when on hard surface turning
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  8. remember to maintain and service tractor also keep the fuel tank as full as possible to prevent condensation and be careful the cylinders don't get glazed because it is only doing very light work
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    Machines get a fortune spent on them maintenance ....... hoping to reduce the cost with a newer machine. How would we stop or try an stop cylinder glazing?
  10. Give it some hard work every now and again make the engine work under load for a period of a few hours
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    Ok thanks any idea how we could do that cheaply? Ideal solution would be to lend it to a local farmer for a couple of weeks in harvest but that’s our busy time too

    This one has (currently at least) 3 point links intact the previous ones all had it removed don’t fancy a long road run.....
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  12. what would be max depth of water that tractor goes into??
  13. HDAV

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    Max depth it is supposed to go into is about a 14/16”............
    max depth it goes when no one is looking.........
  14. are you somewhere along the West Wales coast.... the tractor has the old Ceredigion registration
  15. do you run the tractor on white diesel as it is not agricultural use and is the tractor subject to any safety inspection, does the driver need certificate , you can tell me to mind my own business as I am finishing here very soon as I have annoyed others
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    In wales yes, machine is inspected by and maintained by a professional mechanic and not used on the highway and fully insured for its use. What certificate would the operator need?
  17. I do not want to cause any worry regarding certificate for driver but there are so many regulations with everything it is almost impossible to know....
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    It’s a minefeild but the club has been using tractors for this since the 70’s

    All operators undergo a training session with a committee member and have to do normal checks oil, water fuel before using the machines, fill out defect reports, there is a maintenance log kept, the vehicles operate on a private beach from a private carpark @ 5mph.

    Each operator has to declare they have the correct category drivers licence (not that’s relevent on private land but it’s what the club require)
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    Probably, almost certainly sold new by Gareth Davies, Davies Implements, Blaenteg, Carmarthen. He sold shedloads of Zetors and Jones Balers in his time.

    Closely related to @Tractor_dealer I think. Fathers may be cousins or something like that? :scratchhead:
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  20. Gareth is related to Vaughan Davies Pencader ( 1 st cousin ) iirc

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