The All England Rural Counties Charity Tractor Road Run For Cancer Research UK

Hi, My name is John Saunders, aka Pennine Ploughing

And not gone public on this before , as I did not want anyone else to do it before me

For a few years now, I have thought about doing something for Charity, Never seemed to have the time,
However this year I am going to make time, It has been in the planning for a couple of years now,
And I would like to thank the members on here that I have PM`d over that time for keeping it quiet,

so what to do, Lands end to John O Groats has been done many times, and the problem as getting to the start, and back from the finish when done, so after thinking about it for a while, and I googled it to find out,

Seems no one has ever done all the Rural Counties of England,
There is 42 of them in total, so what tractor should I use to do this run, 42 hp tractor would be good,
But hold on, If I am starting off in Cumbria, And ending in Cumbria, then I would do 43 Counties,
Oh, And then there is only one way out of Cornwall without getting me feet wet, So Devon will be done twice,
And then as The Isle Of Wight, Is a rural County, That would mean Return journey from Hampshire,
So now it will mean a total of 45 Counties will be the full round trip, So 45 hp tractor would be nice for it,

There was only One choice for this, The Iconic tractor built in their Thousands, One tractor that will of been on nearly every farm in England, whether it was owned, Or just a neighbour with 1 helping out at haytime etc,

So yes I will do it on a Massey Ferguson 135, all the way round each County of England,
I will be doing this to raise money for Cancer Research UK, As its a good cause,
We all know of someone, a Family member, a Friend or a work mate, someone you knew in the past maybe,
That have suffered from Cancer of one sort or another,
Cancer Research UK,
do work in finding new drugs, or ways to help the fight against Cancer, some of this work, may help our future, or someone close to us may benefit from this research.

I will be setting off on the Saturday the 14th of July, and hope to do the full trip in 14 days, and ending back in Cumbria on Saturday 28th July.

All money raised will go to Cancer Research UK

As all costs for the trip, are coming out of my own pocket, Fuel, running costs etc will be paid for by me.
And as you may think, Is he doing it himself, Well yes, I will be doing it on my own,
Not only that, but I will have no back up crew, no one following me, just by myself for the charity run,

I will be pulling a Weeks 3 tonne trailer with enough spares I think I will need, spare tyre, oil, filters etc,
and as I don't know how far i will get each day, The over night accommodation will be in the trailer as well,
This will mean I can do as much as I want each day, as it s a fair way round,
And as its a Massey Ferguson 135, I will try to do it in 135 driving hours,

Now for this trip, and raising money for Cancer Research UK.
I am still looking for some sponsors,
I will say that the Team at The Farming Forum, has put a fantastic package together for me,
And The Farming Forum will be the main sponsor for this charity road run,
To which I am most grateful, and all of the team I have had contact with, have been very supportive on this,
So I would like to thank them on here now,
Thank you TFF

An other big sponsor is AGCO UK
so again , Thank you AGCO UK

There is few other sponsors that have come forward locally, and all the names will be put on the side of the Weeks trailer, If anyone would like to sponsor me please PM me with the details, thanks

For the trip, The Farming Forum will be running 3 competitions for members only,
and updates each day as I tour England for charity,
Info on the above will follow in due course,

And also nearer the time, I will be running a Raffle locally and online through the Marketplace on TFF,
the draw will be public at a local show later in the year,
with prizes I have to hand, 3/4 drive socket set, tools tool boxes, days out, and vouchers,
and as many prizes as I can muster, beg, steal or borrow I have a promoters license to run this,
again all funds raised will go to Cancer Research UK, with no costs taken off,
And I am pleased to say, That all giving through TFF, Every penny will go to Cancer Research UK
This is due to TFF will absorb the Credit card charges, Big thank you TFF

So there will be no middle men taking a cut, Every Penny will go to charity,

on more of a personal level, I could do with some help with parking, showers etc as I go around England,
please bare this in mind if you can help, I will be passing through all the England rural counties,
And there must be some members on here from England that could help,

I will update this as and when I have some news over the coming days weeks

I will try to answer any questions

Thanks for now, John

I will, along with the help of the TFF team, will be running 3 online competitions for members,

the top 3 from each competition will get a free TFF mug sent free to them post free,

competition 1,
will be "what will be the total mileage of the run be",
now before anyone asks, no I don't have a mileometer or speedo on the tractor, so I cannot measure it as I go,
However I do have the total route mapped out online, and it gives it to one hundredth of a mile,
this is what will used to verify the mileage,

competition 2,
will be the total fuel used for the run, and engine hours,
this will work in the way of really based on the amount of fuel used,
if it happens that there is a few very much on the right amount,
then hours will only count in the event of a tie, to decide the winner,

competition 3,
this will be the best pictures (top 3 ) taken on route with the most likes from other forum members
any pictures taken at over night stop overs on forum members homes, will not be counted,
this is to be fair to everyone,,

Help raise as much as we can, follow the link below


Mine would like a mate for the night...................;)...... And you will be very welcome here as well. Tarmac roads and running water in these parts now.


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All the very best with you're challenge John. I hope it all goes to plan for you and that you raise lots of cash for a very worthwhile cause.


You would have been better coming north!!!!
Hi everyone, it will be very hard to guess where I will get to and how far each day for stop overs
but here is a list of the Counties in route order that I will be going to do then in
Cumbria, North Yorks, Lancashire, west Yorks, south Yorks, Derbyshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire,
Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucester, Wiltshire, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Isle Of Wight, Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Rutland, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire,
East Ridding, North Yorks, County Druham, Northumberland, and back to Cumbria

I planned it this way to miss out as many of the main roads as possible,
whats the plan re diesel happy for you to fill up here if passing by or could bring you a can or 2 when you have your route if you can post it up or get a clever bod on TFF to do it we can see how close you are it might be helpfull if you had a couple of contacts on route in each county to cover for any unknown eventuality

well that is a really good idea,,about the route being posted on here, I will do my best of the next night or so,,
ans again good idea about a couple of contacts in each county, might be better than getting my pants pulled down if brocken down, ( not that a hope to or want to break down)

re fuel, I was going to take some with me, and get the rest on route, ( I will have to stop for food, drink etc,anyway )
but that is a kind offer. and thank you for that,
I would like to thank them that has PM me with offers of help,Thank you
and if anyone wants to give any Sponsorship, all will go to charity
or a Raffle prize, please feel free to PM me, thanks

to date we have been offered VIP days out, Family days out, tool Boxes, oil, 3/4 drive sprocket sets, Vouchers, etc,
and are looking for more, all to go forth and help raise money for Cancer Research UK, and the draw will be public,

thanks you PP
whats the plan re diesel happy for you to fill up here if passing by or could bring you a can or 2 when you have your route if you can post it up or get a clever bod on TFF to do it we can see how close you are it might be helpfull if you had a couple of contacts on route in each county to cover for any unknown eventuality
Good idea, we could be on alert with the Disco and trailer for our section just in case. :)

Claas launches new line of Liner rakes

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