The great scone debate!

Cream on top?

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    Votes: 34 56.7%
  • No

    Votes: 23 38.3%
  • Both

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An Gof

Don't get too hungry, but we would of been serving you scones today.
A virtual cream tea is just not as tasty!

Naturally you would of been served them the proper Cornish way with cream on the top, but what would your choice be?
Join our great scone debate with the poll below.

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If you was proper proper Cornish they scones would be splits (y)
jam on top - only a fool would try any other way

why ? if using the same single spreading knife it’s easier to clear cream before dipping in the jam than it is to clear jam before dipping in the cream !
Where's your etiquette man? You use the jam spoon and cream spoon to take a dollop of each and place on the side of your plate. You then use you side knife to apply, first the jam, and then the cream to the scone (or split if you proper Cornish). DO NOT under any circumstances use the knife to cut the scone in half, it should be broken in half by hand. (y)


Slice scone, cut two 1/8'' slabs of salted butter and install on either side, apply 1/2 to 3/4'' of clotted cream (with crust as mentioned above), make a broad, shallow depression in the cream and fill with home made strawberry jam to overflowing, eat each side individually and then have another one.

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