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  1. Just been on spending a little time to make life easier.

    I use a pair of builders trestles when welding certain items, they're a good height for working at, much easier on my back.

    Just to add to the convenience of them I thought I could make life even easier so i knocked up a grinder and torch holder on one.
    I might add a tray for tapes and chalk yet

    IMG_20170811_151351.jpg IMG_20170811_151423.jpg

    I'm interested in what other people have such as this, always looking for ideas, the smallest things can make the biggest difference.
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  2. Nearly

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    hang the clamps on the lower rail?

    put one grinder on each side of upright (inside and outside) then you can keep both handles on?

    a bit of pipe directly under the top rail is a good central spot for mig gun?

    earth clamping point somewhere?

    a storage point for your safety squints?
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  3. I only have the one grinder handle, and the one without stays on linishing duties so it doesn't really need one.

    I tend to work from one side, especially if on site as the Welder stays in the van.

    Earth clamp already goes onto the top of the trestle.

    Safety squints are always ready to go!

    Momma didn't raise no fool!
  4. Pan mixer

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    Near Colchester
    I have an old trailer frame with some angle irons welded on top exactly square, it is 12 by 5 feet and has a trolley wheel under the front to wheel it in and out of the workshop.

    This is great for welding and, here anyway, painting some steel before it is installed somewhere.

  5. I also got really sick of tripping over and untangling extension leads.

    So I knocked up a little overhead swinging arm.
    It's one of the best things I've done, at 8ft long it does most of my little workshop, including out the door.
    it may end up with an air line on it eventually.

    IMG_20170813_153956.jpg IMG_20170813_154051.jpg
  6. simmy_bull

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    North Yorkshire
    Now that is a blooming good idea sir.

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