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Long Sutton
Ive seen that happen in real life many years ago with the "apprentice" still in his hob nail boots welded onto some steel sheet from the heel."i just need you to put some weight on here for a moment".Poor kids first day at work.
Me too, it happened to a mate who was a year ahead of me during my apprenticeship, he had been getting a bit mouthy with the older guy's, they pinned him down, got his legs around a steel pillar in the workshop and welded his toe caps together.
Happy days, you would be sacked on the spot if it happened today!

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Support UK farmers to meet climate targets, ministers told

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Support UK farmers to meet climate targets, ministers told

Written by Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent

Green campaigners call for clarity on tree-planting and on interim subsidy system

Farmers need more support from the government to plant the trees necessary to meet the UK’s climate targets, ministers have been told, as they consider wide-ranging changes to farming payments after Brexit.

Tree-planting is expensive, difficult and requires patience as the trees take years or even decades to yield commercial returns. Farmers and green...