The most dangerous man in the world

Discussion in 'Brexit & Politics' started by rob1, Dec 8, 2015.

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    Un investigators,oon bbc news at 5 oclock ,saying no evidence found ,a bit more fake news ,
  2. And these investigators, have magically arrived in the area when exactly, given that the area is surrounded on all sides by Pro-Assad forces and will not allow anyone to enter or leave?
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    I wouldn't be surprised to see a tactical nuke used on USA shipping.
  4. Even your messiah Putin is not that thick.
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    October 2016

    Remember the Russian "Golden Shower" dodgy dossier ? remember it came from UK ex "Intelligence Services" ? Just look how Trump has changed and ask yourself WHY ?

    April 2018

  6. So your bromance with Trump is fading??

    I bet absolutely none of us on TFF saw that coming..
  7. Hows your russian collusion coming along ollie? betting trump will dump melania for TM...she likes to live way more dangerously than melania...

    Few rumblings on the back channels keeping up or you just leaning about the second invasion of iraq...sorry had to ask as your a serial chain drager....

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    They speak a strange language in Australia:rolleyes:
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    Nah. Land has soaked up nicely. Getting to get out a fair bit now. Few guys on this particular thread could do with getting on the old David Brown and chain Harrow or the likes, to get some oxygen in the systemo_O
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    Haven’t you heard of multitasking
  12. Ive been on the 3350 sowing...after all the usual dramas with sowing it was relaxing...spreading clover on my new to me suzuki king qaud 750 is one of the best jobs on the farm i reckon...

    Its dry here...unusual for Portland...

    Sowed grass and clover for silage...sowed wheat i to balansa seed paddock...spread clover on top...

    Rain and slugs next dramas id say...

    One hell of a chess game going on in usa govt at need to watch a serial drama show on tv...this has twist and turns every minute!

  13. Interesting...the msm over here reported that the chemical weapibs inspectors reached douma 3 days ago...4 days after the bombings...somedays i wonder if ireland are in charge???

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    east lancashire
    DNC suing over Russian collusion have they scored an own goal
  15. Why did the Obama administration sell uranium one? it always seemed strange...especially to Russia? That they always carry on about being a bunch of scum bags.

    Well the trail goes like this

    Russia agree to buy uranium one
    Hillary gets paid 140 million for the deal to go through other wise its blocked (how much of that was transferred to Obama? Hillary had it over Obama)
    John Kerry goes to Iran and negotiates the Iran deal so they can buy uranium
    Obama unfreezes 100 billion or so in assets etc and sends actual cash to Iran
    Iran then meets with Rosatom from Russia and buy uranium one yellow cake
    Rosatom then ships it to Syria so they can enrich - This is why Russia was sticking its nose in Syria all the time which always seemed a bit strange.
    USA bomb the nuke sites under the false flag of chem attacks.

    That's how bad Obama and Hillary are as actors, these people are the scum of the earth and the dicks who follow them and support them are blind to it due to plain stupidity.

    Like Bill Clinton did with N Korea - the end game as nuclear warfare - why?

    Because the greatest power you can have on this earth is to hold humanity in your hands and do with it what you wish.

    And Power is what these people live for.

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    Over 50 Palestinians shot dead today by Israeli troops in rioting over the moving of the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Decades of restraint in making that move by successive US and Israeli presidents and premiers, thrown carelessly away to Trump and Netanyahu. This is the consequence. Wonder will Trump sleep easy tonight?
  17. He will sleep as easy as obama with all the kids killed in libya and syria.

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    Trump could single handidly discover the cure for cancer and the left would still blame him for some thing.
    If palistine lay down its weapons there would be peace, if Israel lay down its weapons there would be no more Israel.

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