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  1. Hes a bullsh*t artist, he states so many times that he knows all then states he hasnt seen evidence, he had me fooled for a while, but he let hillary walk on bengazi and the servers, then didnt show any outrage when a navy person was jailed for a selfie in a not the only one who is awake to this idiot.

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  2. Havent had time to reserach, but something stinks about it as the skipral poisoning has not actually been proven to be russian?

    Congress applied sanctions, did Trump have a say, is it retaliation for the Trump Putin summit? Many countries have done worse but no sanctions...? To me it doesnt hold water.

  3. The FBI did not recommend prosecution for Clinton over the email servers, nor Benghazi (what crime was committed in Benghazi, BTW?), Gowdy was not in the position to order a prosecution or not, only the attorney general or someone holding a position secondary to them can, I.E. state attorney. As I understand it, Trey Gowdy sat on select committees to review these cases, he did not preside over any investigation nor prosecutions of the same.

    The person jailed for the submarine photo was an idiot of the highest order and broke the rules, I am quite perturbed you feel breaking military law is AOK and should carry no punishment?
  4. It is a Russian nerve agent. Nobody else manufactures or uses this stuff.

    Why is the most obvious conclusion so difficult for you to accept? It isn't like the Russians have never assassinated defectors before.
  5. A russian invented nerve agent that was held at a facility 5 miles from skipral.

    Not like a western govt hasnt created a "crisis" before...

    I think your naive, i will say its russian when an independent court proves it.

    Was novicheck even used? They still alive..

  6. You have proof novichok was produced and held by the MOD at their facility? Please, let us see it.

    Do you know how nerve agents work?

    You dont believe that the Russians have never ever harmed defectors on Western soil??
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    On Trey Gowdy he tends to support the FBI as a matter of course .. because he used to work with & for the FBI.

    But that's been shaken by the politicisation of the FBI & DoJ.

    What he will do in the future ? I don't know but I think he will be heavily influenced by how Democrats created and used the dodgy dossier to their own ends.

    It's heading towards the creation of another special council to investigate how this document was created and used to pervert the course of justice.

  9. The dossier was not created by the Dems, I have told you, it was originally started by a Republican orientated piece of press, funded by a Republican source. What is wrong with you, political research is carried out as a matter of course.

    Trey Gowdy is a good man, and you were probably right behind him when he was grilling Comey and Hilary, now you are saying he is a closet Dem?
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    The dossier was funded by Democrats and pushed by Democrats through the DoJ & FBI. The dossier formed the basis for the creation of a special council - Mueller.

    James Comey let Hilary off as a matter of choice.

    I'm saying you're cherry picking.

    Trey Gowdy is Trey Gowdy .. he's got lots of videos on YouTube for people to form an opinion. Regardless he is just one Senate member.
  11. TG will talk big and do little....hes a politician in a corrupt system. End of story until he proves otherwise.

  12. He is retiring from congress along with his buddy Paul Ryan.
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    Do you think he's going back in the justice system ?
  14. Hopefully not............but who knows', at 53 he is young to retire.
  15. Opposition research is par for the course in American politics.

    The dossier was compiled by someone with a lot of experience of Russia. If you have evidence to refute it, please provide it.

    I dont know why you are hating on Gowdy, he is just a Republican politician of long standing service.

    Lastly, Comey did not let anyone walk free. He is not in a position to do that. The FBI investigates crimes. It does not determine guilt or innocence. You are confusing the FBI with the Justice department.
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    Comey under cross examination admitted not referring Hilary for further investigation despite breaking many government rules and security protocols. Having performed the investigation the FBI has the ability to clear a suspect or endite them, that is the opinion of the investigating officer. That came out of the Senate committee hearings.

    It's pointless going over the Dossier because those that have seen and researched it are entering into their final deliberations. They know far more than has been reported to date. Mueller either has results or not. If he has no results then that will likely lead to another special prosecuter looking into it's origins and progress through the FBI & DoJ.

    It could in theory just be swept under the carpet as being damaging to both parties. I guess this depends on the mid terms and who gets their way politically. Although Trump isn't likely to back down IMHO.
  17. Comey cannot decide who will or not be subject to prosecution. It is that simple.You are confusing the role of the FBI with that of the justice department. If you watch the youtube select committee hearing, you will hear and understand the reasoning for this and why Comey made his recommendation to the DoJ.
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    Comey decided to drop the investigation based on his opinion of Hilary's replies.

    Note the word INVESTIGATION .. Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION.

    Note the LACK of the word prosecution in my reply. You do not prosecute if you fail to investigate .. I would have thought that was obvious to even you.

    BTW that's why Comey was sacked .. incompetance.
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    "Comey Legacy
    The report provides a detailed accounting of the series of events leading up to Comey's decision in July 2016 to announce publicly — without Justice Department approval — that while he found Clinton's actions "extremely careless," he would not recommend charges against her."

    The fact Comey used this language enabled Hilary to NOT be charged with an offence of "Gross Negligent" ..

    "A source familiar with the FBI decision tells CNN that Comey and his FBI colleagues were "playing with the language throughout" the process, but consistently held the belief that they needed to condemn Clinton's handling of classified information while asserting they would not bring charges."

    BTW Comey also used a private email server.

    BTW BTW it looks as though the Senate wants to talk to Julian Assange which MIGHT lead to him getting a presidential pardon.
  20. The investigation was completed. I strongly urge you to read the details. They then subsequently reopened it when more evidence indirectly came to light.

    Your fanboi love of drymp cant argue with fact. If you believe the case was dropped due to political persuasions then your complaint should be directed at the top brass of the DoJ.

    Comey was fired for refusing to be a yes man for Trump and this fact was well known and documented. You are either ignorant of that fact or being deliberately disingenious by suggesting otherwise.

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