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    South Manchester
    I have seen programmes on the TV network that go inside the prisons of the USA,and a lot of the areas are run by different gangs , many members who look like the guys from your El Salvador video,they are scary when they are locked up,and still carrying on with what they did on the streets.
  2. I don't care what happened in Australia, I am telling you, the UK tried your socialist idyll back in the day, IT DID NOT WORK. We sure as hell do not want to go back there.
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  3. Yeah but uk been on decline since turn of 19th century, everything youve done turned to sh*t. Use to control half the globe, now look at you, tryin to weasel your way out of the EU like a kid tryin to get out of eatin veggies at dinner.

    Your hardly an example to base anything on, you even managed to f*ck up capatilism starting from a very good base to i might add.

    Look at the mess you in now, a takeover target for any country with any sort of a military would take the uk in its sleep..weekend job at best.

  4. @Roger Perry
    What is the view of the "average" American about the Government shutdown?
  5. "Average".......I have no idea, it is impacting some people for sure, USDA is closed that is causing some problems, airport workers at TSA is the most visible, its' not good but the leaders of the Democratic party could end it right now if they would just sit down and talk, of course their hatred of all things Trump will not let them do that.
    Your guess is the same as everyone else where it goes, will add that many Gov dept are still operating and any that are not will receive back pay.
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    Trump shut down the government, in fact several times on camera no less he said he would happily “own it” and it was “his”. Not to mention the multiple times he threatened a shut down on Twitter.

    Different now.

    He also said before when Obama was President that of course a shut down was the failure of the President and a lack of negotiating skill.

    Also different now.
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  7. He campaigned on better border security, there is broad support for that among his supporters.

    He has invited a group of centerist politicians to meet today to try to get things moving, again the Dems are unwilling to talk.
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    Nobody has an issue with Border Security - all sides want that.
    An unworkable wall - only one side wants that.
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    12 foot wall = 13 foot ladder

    One is a lot cheaper than the other...
  10. Perhaps you have some suggestions as to how you would improve border security, please keep in mind that the men and women of the border patrol are requesting a beefing up of the physical barrier.
    You have open borders in the UK, how has that worked out for you.
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    We are about as reliant on migrant workers as the USA.
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    What’s that. Deflecting the issue to the UK again are you? If your referring to the Schengen Agreement of Open Borders the UK is not a member of it.

    Anyhow a wall may deter, or slow people but it won’t stop people determined to get over,under, or around them, they simply do not.

    Or as the Border Patrol official website itself stated up until January 4th of this very year.

    “The NBPC disagrees with wasting taxpayer money on building fences and walls along the border as a means of curtailing illegal entries into the United States. However, as long as we continue to operate under the current NBPS and ignore the problem that is causing illegal immigration, we realize fences and walls are essential.

    • Walls and fences are temporary solutions that focus on the symptom (illegal immigration) rather than the problem (employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens).

    • Walls and fences are only a speed bump. People who want to come to the United States to obtain employment will continue to go over, under, and around the walls and fences that are constructed.

    • Walls and fences will undoubtedly result in an increase in fraudulent documents and smuggling through the Ports of Entry.

    • Walls and fences do not solve the issue of people entering the country legally and staying beyond the date they are required to leave the country, a problem which will undoubtedly increase as more walls and fences are constructed.

    • The NBPC position regarding walls and fences is not due to a concern of losing our jobs if fences and walls are built. On the contrary, the NBPC realizes that walls and fences require just as much manpower to protect them. Border Patrol Agents witness what happens to walls and fences when there are not enough Border Patrol agents to protect them.”

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  13. Funny how some pommy farmer knows more than the border control staff that live and work on the border.

    Typical blue bloods.

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    And its also funny when saint Obama said they needed a wall there was no outcry,more anti trump nonsence
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  15. so did chuck - all on video - hence why trump is digging in the heels - absolute hypocrites - some people aren't awake yet - still in the deep state deep sleep.

    pelosi has a nice wall around her mansion

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    Such a mild insult. Your so cute.
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    You certainly like your ‘Alternative facts’ in here, otherwise known to the rest of us as lies.

    That Schumer meme doing the rounds? In your language it’s fake news

    Clinton, Obama and Schumer voted for the 2006 secure fence act, covering 700 miles mostly as it was a known quantity and although far from perfect it was preferable to the alternative act being proposed which was to charge every undocumented migrant as a felon - consider the repercussions of that.

    As an aside the immigration reforms promised by the Bush government never materialised.

    That same 700 mile non continuous fence with chunks missing cost between 5 and 16 million per mile, and a total of 7 Billion US dollars spent in 8 years.

    Trumps proposed wall is estimated to cost 31 million per mile covering over 1000 miles, total of 31 billion, and half of that again for the next 10 years in maintenance.

    Other problems.

    18 feet high steel sections can be scaled unaided without equipment in under 20 seconds. There is a YT video to prove it if you look.

    Water has to flow in and out of Mexico and US without impediment otherwise flooding.

    A tunnel is found on average once per month.

    Border patrol can find and repair up to 4000 breeches or cuts in fence per year.

    Almost all of the 600 odd miles of fence was built on federal land, the other 1000 proposed wall is on private land.


    Trump loves eminent domain after all that’s how he got the cities to push poor vulnerable people from their homes that refused to sell, enriching himself on their misfortune but wouldn’t that be a schocking infringement of Americans freedoms and rights? A incredible ‘over reach of government ‘ that irk conservatives so?

    Trump says “some” living ex president told him he wished he built the wall.


    Nancy’s house? 4A36D47C-6411-4267-9175-6089521AFC44.jpeg

    Certainly would be hypocritical if it was her home. It isn’t.

    This is her actual home.


    Lies again then.

    Sorry Alternative facts.....
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  18. So, when the next caravan of 5,000 from central America arrives at the border

    Its' ok to copy that sort of statement but in reality its meaningless............just drive along the border on the U.S. side, stop and talk to the ranchers and farmers and ordinary citizens who have to put up with the danger to themselves and their families on a daily basis, the cartels are ruthless and you better carry something to defend yourself at all times............While I respect your view, I do not believe you have a clue as to the reality of the situation.
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    Although I have ex neighbors and in-laws that live in the United States, it is true I do not live there.

    However I do know what security/personnel/walls/Borders keep in, or keep out first hand.
  20. Legal ones!

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