The positive thread

Having flicked through the forum this morning I came away feeling quite negative. There is a lot of worry and uncertainty about and a lot of biased reporting by the supposedly neutral BBC. I have no quarrel with posters highlighting this information because it can't be ignored.

However there are still plenty of things to be positive about and I thought it might be an antidote to all the doom and gloom for people to post some positive things that have lifted their mood recently. I'll kick off with this surprising? statistic

"According to the National Diet and Nutrition Survey (2019) people born in the 1980's and 1990's were the highest meat consumers and those born after 1999 were the only sub-group to have increased their consumption over time"

roscoe erf

Livestock Farmer


Livestock Farmer
sw scotland
Prices are good, another 19 store cattle away to sale today, the grass is still growing, ground dry enough to cut silage if I had to, straw prices have eased back and never had as much silage in the pit.
I am self-employed so don't have to give 6 weeks notice of needing a day off, have an income, no commute and live in a part of Scotland which thousands of tourists think is beautiful.

J 1177

Mixed Farmer
Durham, UK
This thread should be the top sticky. Just had a conversation with somebody and we were both discussing how negative we both feel at the moment.
I should be more positive it’s October the sun is out and my tractor will move today

Yep your right i feel seriosly peed off at the moment, it feeks like we are constantly under attack, but the sun is shining, my winter corn is all in and iv got plenty of straw and barley for the cattle.


Livestock Farmer
Calves have sold well and the younger ones are coming on well, lambs have done very well this time and are selling well, sold a bull yesterday, all the dung spread and nearly finished the in field hedgetrimming, weather has been good, cows are still out, hardly fed any silage yet and made plenty.
casant complain really

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