The positive thread

Life is better for more people now than in any time in human history..

Matt Ridley is a good read for all of this. Even minor things like toothache caused people unbridled misery a century ago.
and, however much the media may report on it, the world is far less violent than it has ever been, I think Genghis Khan killed 11% of the worlds population, and with bows and arrows/swords!!

Grass And Grain

Mixed Farmer
Feeling for pig sector, but personally...

Decent combinables yields and prices, therefore probably upgrade a bit of kit and put a shed up.

Bed and breakfast heifer rearing this winter, which pays a few bills, and I'm enjoying.

Diversification. We sold a fridge store last week. Enquiry for a vacuum cooler this week.

Negative. Slugs thinned out an acre or two of wheat.

Less busy time of year = more coffee shop lunches, and time to chew over how to replace BPS income.


Livestock Farmer
South Molton
Was reading threads last night moaning about those running the Wool board, NFU, AHDB, DEFRA, any other farming organisation.

Yet those that moan won't stand up and do the job themselves.

Can anyone do anything right for some people, constantly moaning


Nice idea to start a positive thread in the Agricultural Matters section. I rarely look in this section of tff after coming to the conclusion that it was mostly just for rants.

I'm just going to take any attempts to be positive in Agriculture Matters as a good thing.

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