The Queens, reps and the patter.

Hahahahahahah. :ROFLMAO:

I don't think I have ever used any marketing spiel speak in my entire life and I don't think I could ever learn to. In fact, I think during my time I actually assimilated yet more Zomerset speek. The worst part of which was the profanity; all kinds of effing and jeffing is encountered on your daily travels and it takes the place of regular nouns, adjectives and verbs. I can actually write very nicely when I put my mind to it, but speech, heck, you can't help but absorb the stuff you are exposed to day in-day out.

'Touch base', who the fudge uses terminology like that, someone trying to sell you shares in BP or something?

I do believe farmers need giving some grief now and then mind, too many of em are recalcitrant, introvert hermits who need exposing to some sunshine now and again. Most of them used to take the pish out of me mercilessly anyway, got no sympathy from me.

I must confess spelling and grammatical errors do not irritate my inner gramm(er)a Nazi; apparently the UK as an average only reads at the level expected of an 8 year old. Does it really matter?

And what is wrong with text messaging? Short and to the point: Walked corn, too early to see much, back in 10 days. Easy. Nothing worse than people leaving fudging voicemails and do I really really need to ring and interrupt a farmer to tell him a dozen words?

Nope, sometimes a text will suffice. Other times a conversation is required. Other times an email containing detailed tracts of information is required for someone to read and think over. They all have a place.
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What's a rep? We don't have them round here anymore
(could do with some though, the dogs are hungry)

I'll ring them -or email so there's a record- when I want to buy.....otherwise they're better off not bothering me.
The only reps we get round are jipes trying to sell road planings

rose pilchett

Today I hung up on one rep from a company after warning him before that I don’t tolerate phrases such as “touch base” and “going forward” etc. This follows on from telling another to leave the yard for dumbing down the queens English and using poor Americanism’s and American phrases.

Each to their own I suppose but that said, I want to be spoken to in plain basic English and given no fancy patter and spiel to make them sound very dynamic and efficient. Luckily they’re are a few old school reps etc I can deal with that are doing it properly. The new wave of up and coming sales people and people calling in or on the phone leave a lot to be desired.

Am I in a minority for detesting this sort of language and taking such actions?
Check your own grammar first, those in glass houses etc etc it should be 'there' not 'they're' as you have used in your opening post.....

rose pilchett

I for one was never a fan of English at school and often just gazed out the window as the hour passed. Only in more recent years have I taken it more seriously, actively trying to improve my written English. My written English was never poor but room for improvement was always there. I guess my pet hate of lazy conversing has grown with age but stems from my grandparents who couldn’t abide it either. I was always taught that if they can’t put the effort into talking to you properly with respect and manners. What’s that say about them and what they have to offer.
your second last sentence does not make sense.

Bury the Trash

Mixed Farmer
Let's be clear.....
Fair enough we are all different, I find calling the kids children quite pompous, I have always called them kids, still do and the youngest are 22 so no longer children.
True, it can sound pompous,

depends a bit on the person/tone/context saying 'kids' ir.

but definitely if i pronounced 'chuldren ' :pompous:


You really need some chill time to think outside of the box and do some blue sky thinking. Maybe take a vacation in the US where you could rent an automobile.

Seriously you need to relax!
I was more than relaxed about the whole affair and hung up with easy and without a rise in my pulse. I guess it’s a pet hate I just won’t tolerate, if I’m going to deal with them and ultimately spend money. They could at least speak to me in the way I want. Certainly after being told that I won’t talk to them if they continued to use these abhorrent managemt phrases.


Bonsall, UK
Talking of getting rid of reps, I was with a customer I know well, when a rep phoned. Farmer listened courteously for a few minutes, and then said, "Sorry, I've got to go now, I have an appointment at xxxxx, you know, the massage parlour. They don't like you being late, in fact they still charge you for the full half hour!"

rose pilchett

Capital Y on your at the beginning of a sentence. Also your phrase is incorrect. Them in glass houses and all that.
Noted, I don't care much whether people use proper Queens English, you say you do , yet you don't, I was really only trying to point out the irony. Either way probably best to live and let live.


Mixed Farmer
J11 M40
Gobsmacked, there's one that really, really grates, I can hardly bear to write it, let alone say it out loud.
Surprising how many educated people, who should know better use that in conversation.:stop:

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