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Russia displays new sanction busting armoured vehicle
Could it be the old Russian policy of shipping Ukrainians off to Russia that has come back to haunt them? It might have led to a ready made 5th Column inside Russia, who are busy sending packages or leaving items in the bin where they work. What goes around comes around. :)

There were anti-war/Putin protests. A few brave souls who were stern enough to protest publicly. I am sure there will be greater numbers who will be more than pished off with the situation and probably planning some sabotage of their own.

Imagine being a working Russian right now. Your economy is tanked. The Rouble is worthless. I'm not sure how readily you can even leave the country or move money. All the Western brands you maybe liked are gone- Nike, McDonalds, the lot, all shut up shop. Apple pay no longer works. It must be a miserable existence before you consider the countless dead or wounded or missing they must be hearing news of. I'd be pished off as well and start turning my mind toward some kind of nefarious way of getting my own back.


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Germans blocked them as well
Being thick, the long-term blocking of NATO expansion by some - principally France and Germany, but I'm open to correction on that - didn't really occur to me as having any particularly sinister overtones at the time.

However, seeing the current reluctance to help Ukraine in a number of ways, it seems now to be at best questionable. Of course, it will be defended by arguing about economic, political and military readiness, and that's fair enough; but... it can't excuse or remove the stain of not doing enough now.

As a related aside, if either or both of these countries really do want to see an alternative to NATO - with more than just them in it - they really don't seem to be thinking very far ahead. Nor for the advancement for the sort of federal / closer EU that they seem to envisage - hard to think of a way in which to irritate the Eastern EU states more than act as they are now..

I sometimes wonder if they aren't in fact planning a much-reduced EU in the end; maybe back to the 1995 membership; I'm not saying the EU is planning this, just those two, maybe... :unsure:


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As Max Bygraves used to say “I wanna tell you a story” that I heard the other night which goes something like this.

In the story very senior people in the USA with the real power & I don’t mean Biden were very rattled & panicky at a proposed Russian Chinese alliance that was seriously in the offing to be signed, with Chinese eyes on Taiwan & Russia’s on Ukraine the US defence department made the decision that for the sake of world order this could not be allowed to happen, one of the two countries had to be depleted considerably militarily to stop this & obviously it could not be China, so a brilliant plan was concocted.

It was well known by all that Putin was alarmed that Ukraine might join NATO so someone tips off the Russians that with just the right amount of pressure the Ukraine leadership would now be prepared to back down & agree to stay out of NATO & compromise on other things.
As Russia took the bait & moved troops & armour to the border the USA & UK packed sophisticated weapons into Ukraine (with more eyes in the sky than stars) in preparation.
For the plan to work Putin needed to invade but he hesitated & continued to hesitate when the Ukraine leadership kept saying that Ukraine would not back down, so unusually the US defence department in desperation had to keep giving out normally top secret warnings to the world that an invasion was imminent, when Putin couldn’t sit on his hands any more without looking desperately weak he finally invaded, you could say the trap was then sprung, every Russian tank was tagged by the eyes in the sky & all that information was fed to the defending army & as reported today not only Ukrainian troops, the defence of Ukraine was then effectively being manipulated by the Americans.

Whether any in the Ukrainian leadership knew that their country was considered acceptable collateral damage by the Americans is debatable, the clever thinking was that after considerable damage had been done to Russia’s militarily hardware Ukraine would give in & a sort of peace would be agreed, unfortunately the plan did not anticipate both Ukrainian stubbornness, Zelensky's world tour by video & the world’s reaction piling Ukraine with many weapons from other countries & holding out for so long.

In this wild story the US & UK had pushed Putin very much further than was originally planned & were becoming very worried & unsure just how this would all end.

Thank goodness it's only a far fetched stupid story & obviously couldn't possibly be true!


Are these Russians mature adults? They sound like big kids with access to the nuke cabinet. Their arguments are so childish with blatent lies. Much worse than the cold war lot it seems to me.
I don't know if it funny or dangerous but lots of russians on TV and politicians talk like they are the only ones with them. Boasting on TV about nuking new York, as if they ain't coming back

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Man fined £300 for bonfire-related waste offences

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Written by William Kellett from Agriland

A man has pleaded guilty at Newtownards Magistrates’ Court to waste offences relating to a bonfire next to the electrical sub-station on the Circular Road in Newtownards, Co. Down.

Gareth Gill (51) of Abbot’s Walk, Newtownards pleaded guilty to two charges under the Waste and Contaminated Land (Northern Ireland) Order 1997, for which he was fined £150 each and ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy

On June 25, 2018, PSNI officers went to Gill’s yard, where they found a large amount of waste consisting of scrap wood, pallets, carpet and underlay.

Discussion with Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) officers confirmed the site...