The worm turns?


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Had an interesting chat with a bbc man at a do over Christmas. They really live in their own bbc bubble and I did my best to give him a wide range of farming information that warrants factual research so they can attempt to correct the bias a little. Did it work? Well he did listen and was engaged but I fear changing the bbc from the inside won’t be any easier than doing it with the Nfu.
About time the BBC was turned over to a subscription service.

If people want BBC service then they can pay for it, rather than being 'forced' to fund it.

I used to be a great defender of the license fee means of funding the BBC but now find it impossible to justify. Life for me is a whole lot better since I stopped watching the BBC news.


mine was due in october, ive had two letters read neither in detail but got the jist. im wrighting a list tomorrow why i havnt paid it . i dont want to hear what they have done i want to know why there not doing what they should and supporting us. rt carbon emmissions methane fake foods the list goes on and we hear very little from our mouthpiece they would rather hinder us!
I went out last night and watched the New Year on the BBC, but having been without tellie for some time now, I was surprised how poor and uninteresting it all looked, with various minor celebs I had never heard of laughing at each others' right-on prattle.



The final paragraph, from the NFU:

“Livestock farming in the UK is very different to the large-scale systems in the US or in Brazil where it is causing deforestation. Our greenhouse gas emissions from beef are less than half the global average and our cattle are reared on grass-based diets, grazing fields that store a significant amount of carbon.”

So, British cows are bad for the planet, but not as bad as foreign cows. Oh, and British cows that don't have a solely grass based diet are as bad as foreign cows.

Whoever thinks this is how to promote an industry, wants sacking.
One thing that does give me hope is the response from the public to the endless vegan outpourings on social media. It is clear that an awful lot of non-farming folks are getting fed up with this endless preaching and instinctively know that climate change is being used for ulterior motives. I have read some really good replies on Facebook lately defending our farmers, and many vegan activists come over as religious nutters from their response to perfectly valid arguments pro-meat.


Livestock Farmer
Collar, ffs the nag needs a bridle especially with those chompers!!!🤔🤫
Bridle is too civilised,they need a twitch!



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A number of, non farming, people that I've started to explain to that so much of what they are told on this subject is untrue have said that they already know, and are annoyed (I couldn't think of a better word) that the climate change, vegan, blind trend followers, etc. are trying to mislead folks. Most of these have been at a rural rugby club, so not an urban audience, but word is getting out.

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Five nature-recovery projects spanning 100,000ha launched

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Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland

Five nature-recovery projects spanning nearly 100,000ha across the West Midlands, Cambridgeshire, the Peak District, Norfolk and Somerset have been announced by the government and Natural England today (Thursday, May 26).

This is the equivalent in size to all 219 current National Reserves.

The aim of the projects is to deliver nature recovery at a landscape scale, helping to tackle biodiversity loss, climate change and improve public health and well-being.

All five projects will make a significant contribution towards the national delivery of the international commitment to protect at least 30% of land and...