Things to see in Salisbury.

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  1. Timmy_45

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    Yes well we'll just have to manage without the invaluable assistance of the great military power houses of the EU, Spain, Italy, and of course France. Not forgetting Germany who are so terrified of getting the gas turned off that they brown nose Putin at every opportunity.
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  2. lloyd

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    France has got a very good military capability probably better than ours in most respects!
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  3. Brisel

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    It hasn't been depleted by fighting any wars since 1940... A white flag would suffice :p
  4. Timmy_45

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    Yes, on paper it always has had. And every time it rolls into battle it's rolling back in the opposite direction shortly after.
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  5. lloyd

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    I don't think the 1350000 french soldiers who lost their lives in WW1 would agree with you.
  6. Zippy768

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  7. Timmy_45

    Timmy_45 Member

    Wouldn't agree with what? That France failed to prevent itself being invaded by Germany in a series of spectacular defeats/retreats? I don't think many UK veterans would class the rout in France as a Victory. Maybe a French Historian would though.
  8. Brisel

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    We’re getting off topic here. WW2 was caused by the Allies onerous reparations at Versailles and their atonement in the 1930s as Hitler remilitarised in the Rhine valley without protest from Paris, London or Washington.
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  9. Timmy_45

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    Doesn't change the fact that the French are surrender monkeys, and the Germans are terrified to stand up to Russia because they need their Gas. And Putin knows it.
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  10. Red Fred

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    It does seem odd that out of all the places it could have happened, it happened in the only town where they could have saved him and put all the procedures into action. They could have bumped him off when they had him in prison, but it looks as if they wanted him to do one last task for them .
  11. dont think watching two squadies mending a landrover on the plain really counts
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  12. bovrill

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    East Essex
  13. DrWazzock

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    Me and the Mrs stayed in a Russian run hotel in Chelsea. The way they undercooked the sausage at breakfast was criminal. We complained about it and three big blokes came out of the kitchen and said there was nothing wrong with it. It was kind of difficult to argue with them that it wasn't and they didn't replace it. It was obviously a money laundering excercise. Why are Russians still allowed to be owning and running hotels in Chelsea when all this is going on?
  14. yellowbelly

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    I've never been one for conspiracy theories but there's a bloke from Eastern Europe asking on here........

    ................for somewhere to shoot something :eek::eek:.

    He says,
    "My problem is that we're based in eastern Europe and it's tricky to find exact place/field in England where to shoot."

    Putin's obviously not given him the 'Visitor's Guide To Wiltshire' yet.:whistle:

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  15. puppet

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    sw scotland
    And she might just get jailed for telling you.
  16. JP1

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    Good job they didn't come in a hire car via the A303 and the Amesbury roundabout, they'd still be there

    I'm glad they didn't come in from the Hindon direction down the Nadder Valley towards Wilton (a favourite run of mine)
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  17. Red Fred

    Red Fred Member

    They could have come down today and gone out for the day to the Berwick St John Country Fair.
  18. Castle Farm

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  19. betweenthelines

    Secret agents my arse!

    Would secret agents fly in direct from Russia under their own names, leave traces of highly toxic poison in their hotel room (it was "found" weeks later so how the hell they didn't kill themselves when spilling it in the first place?) and dump the container miles away -again without harming themselves or anyone else for several weeks?

    Before you all pan me for this post, I would point out that there's no film of them near the victim's house before he left for his meal, only after he was already dining with his daughter.

    There's as much real evidence against these guys as there was that Saddam had WMD that could attack the UK in 4 hours.
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  20. marco

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    tipperary, ireland
    Exactly, nothing like detracting the masses from troubles at home by the blaming a foreign country for meddling in your countrys affairs. I'm sure proper agents could have disappeared these guys without anyone ever knowing.

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