Thursday's Weather+Snowy outlook update!

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    Thursday Summary: Mostly Dry Foggy / Icy Start

    A dry instore for most with any fog slow to clear allowing the sun to breakthrough. Turning windy with patchy light rain in the north. High of 10C/50F

    Heads up for a snowy weekend and next week:

    As we have been warning you here at metjeffuk weather is set to turn a lot colder with the possibility of some heavy falls of snow. Too early to say exact amount and where at this stag, but most favoured is near the east and west coasts but snow could fall almost anywhere.

    We will keep you updater here at TFF and at my website

    The full 5 day FREE forecast for Farmers and Growers every Monday at

    Hope the sun shines for you but….

    Whatever the weather enjoy it!

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