Thursday's Weather+Storm warning !

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    Thursday's Summary:

    Northern Ireland Northern England and Scotland will see further strong winds and local gales with heavy, blustery, wintry showers with a risk of hail and thunder snow over the hills Elsewhere, it should be drier with some bright intervals and here winds will be lighter, still the chance of one or two showers at times. Colder in the with highs of just 4/5C 41F up to 10C/50F in the south.


    Wintry showers reducing in the north, but winds increasing with gales and heavy rain, as Storm Barbara arrives in the north-west by morning. Mostly dry, clear with a widespread frost possible, with low of -3C but temps rising as it turns cloudier in the west.


    Severe weather warning is out for the North more at my website

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    Hope the sun shines for you but….

    Whatever the weather enjoy it!

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