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Discussion in 'Direct Drilling General Discussion' started by Mr Charisma, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. Steakeater

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    How did this go?
  2. tr250

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    Near enough same place in field looking opposite way 3.7 tons to acre combine yield monitor but will know for sure soon over weigh bridge IMG_0726.PNG
  3. Brilliant. Just shows what can be done once you don a mankini under the boilersuit
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  4. Clive

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    it will never work you know ................................. not on my soil type, altitude, moon phase, latitude, time of month <insert excuse here> ;)
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  5. Were you happy with the plant population?

    If its any comfort ive had quite poorly performing spring barley this year. Sub 2t acre. Just the way it goes sometimes

    I dont think you should give up yet though.
  6. Mr Charisma

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    stratford on Avon
    Not looking for excuses ,,,, would love to make it work , 4 th attempt since 2010 , so it’s not as if I’m not giving it a fair try , perhaps I’m not good enough ?
  7. Clive

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    this is the ideal year to make it work so far IMO

    its mostly about rotation, SOM and nutrition however and bugger all to do with machinery
  8. Richard III

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    CW5 Cheshire
    Interesting what you say about wide row widths, I find that it is essential to keep my wheat crops reasonably thick, or any thin areas become playgrounds for said wildlife. Yield loss in thin crops can be eye watering.

    I also find that years like this that combine a wet winter and cold wet spring will give me a yield hit on land that has a natural tendency to sit cold and wet in the spring. The crop takes for ever to start growing in the spring, but then eventually grows well.
  9. The thing with notill it is a long term system
    Some fields work from year one some take a while
    Predicting which is best and which is not with any degree of accuracy is very difficult
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