Tine drill solutions?

Seedhawk, no problem.
They are really rare. I cannot find any for sale. 6m is the max width I could ever pull with my existing tractors
You can add a front mounted hopper or tank for liquid but yes, UK spec drills with multiple hoppers are fairly rare but manufacturers are starting to wake up to this demand.
Yes, I know. Only budget grain and fert drills are finnish made Tume and have two disc openers, which are not very good concept and the bearings fail regularly. They are good for mintill not no till.
Few weeks ago one was sold at 4k euro, 2-3k for new wearing metal and you are good to go.
3m and 4m COs are too overpriced IMO.

Charles Quick

Mixed Farmer
There's a very nice seed/fert Amazone Primera 6m for £60k in Germany here
Quite expensive but it'll last forever. Pulls easy with 150hp at 10k, you could drill 600ac in a few days if you really wanted to.

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