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  1. Chonk

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    IMG_1505314032.442674.jpg Not posted for a while ... been too busy filling this monstrosity !! spuds are full steam ahead
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  2. That I accept but she was driving down the swath long before that :p

    Just being pernickity :D
  3. Morph

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  4. Yes but it was her first time, she was just making sure she got in the right place. The rest of us with experience can blast between the swaths till we're alongside, then change gear and pull across under the spout with hardly a thought.
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  5. I'd like to nominate myself for a Darwin award for the stupid mistake I made this morning.

    I was doing a little bit of welding. I was nearly done and there was a big bang followed by bits of plastic and liquid falling to the floor and against my leg..

    I had failed to notice that one of the team had popped a 12v battery under the work bench and had brought the charger over to charge it up.

    Battery exploded..acid splashed about..luckily I was properly protected but my land cruiser in ws for some work may become speckled. . Ears still ache..

    What a muppet..! Lesson learned.. 20170913_142223.jpg
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  6. Or a REALLY good combine driver could swing the spout back a bit to avoid you having to run down the swath at all :whistle::D
  7. :eek::nailbiting:
  8. True but not all combines have that capability.
  9. davidroberts30

    i was welding 1 day and didnt see the battery dad left in there...
    i thought i was getting shot at...

    hell of a bang
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  10. They are nice to be honest but will be better than new when we have finished.
    Bolts replaced with new or blasted and zinc plated
    Or blasted and painted over

    Getting them out gas bottles to heat, if they snapp drill and re tap
  11. Phil P

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    Finally got round to the 6520 with the broken diff pins that came in a couple of weeks back, customers famous last words "there's no panic for it" so it kind of got put on the back burner. Made good progress today though.
    Looks kinda empty with its guts out. IMG_1505323530.820796.jpg
    Just got some brake discs to pick up in the morning and should hopefully be running by dinner
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  12. bobk

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    A battery did the same here yesterday whilst I was standing next to it . :oops::nailbiting:
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  13. Without provocation?
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  14. bobk

    bobk Member

    No just sitting there , while I was grinding something.... oops
  15. Mur Huwcun

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    North West Wales
    Did you have to shim the diff back up at all or was it within spec with the existing ones?
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  16. Phil P

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    Was still in spec as I didn't need to replace any of the housings or bearings, lucky it only broke the pins and damaged the pinion lube pipe.
    I've known them take teeth of the pinion shaft and destroy the diff housing before. Cheep fix on this one.
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  17. waterbuffalofarmer

    After getting up early this morn to feed the calves (some of anyway) I left the rest to my brother's charge, as I had an appointment (checkup) to go to. Then took the rest of the day off and saw a bank representative for opening an account, turns out I don't have to drive for another bit yet. Phew! Was really hoping and praying that i wouldn't need a driver's license ID. Safe for another 6 months guys! (y):ROFLMAO: Then came back cleaned dairy, cleaned out 5 big wheelbarrows muck, nearly collapsed, yup strength isn't what it was...:rolleyes: was going to halter train a young bull, alas too tired. Had a sleep and made dinner/pud for the lads. Well that's my work day lol. Not much ik but there we are.... ;)
  18. Phil P

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    Battery's release hydrogen gas, its a little bit flammable. Think Hindenburg disaster
  19. Mur Huwcun

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    North West Wales
    I had a different breed snap the pins and chew the pinion once, seen a few front axle snap the pins where the roll pin goes through, with them it's just a matter of replacing pins and re fit. Had to fit a S/H crown wheel and pinion out of a burnt out breaker once that had been left out without a top cover!! Was interesting to say the least trying to set the backlash on rusty teeth!!!!
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  20. Speedstar

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    Scottish Borders
    Come to Scotland 1000's of acres to cut yet & even more straw to bale

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