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    .....and likely 10x the price or more that @Boysground paid. ;)
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    You saw these pics in the Southern hemisphere farming thread but for everyone else, this was my day. Woke up to a ferocious storm IMG_20180214_074954777.jpg IMG_20180214_075052642.jpg
    Then went and surveyed the damage, had to clear some branches off fences and irrigation lines and checked cattle. If you look carefully in this photo you can see a JD tractor and pto pump hiding behind a pile of fallen limbs, we were blessed it didn't get flattened. Some of those limbs are 18-20" through, snapped like pencils. IMG_20180214_101355839.jpg IMG_20180214_101338627.jpg
    Two of my neighbours had pivot irrigators blow over, and about 2000 residences were without power for most of the day. Photo0082.jpg
    We got about 11mm out of it so that makes for a change from what has been the norm here this year. IMG_20180214_111348365.jpg Since I had no power and couldn't do office work I went and looked at a trailed Horwood Bagshaw header that's for sale locally and then went into town. Then cause the power was coming on and off the alarm at our fire brigade kept going off so I had to reset that. By then it was time to get the girls to bed and have a romantic Valentine's dinner with my wife.:happy::love:
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    SW Co Durham
    It cross's the A68 Some were that land we bought off your dad's friend at the Royal Oak is in the NVZ also.

  4. Fuelling the Loadall and spotted this beauty through the tread bar.

    Been there a while.

    84F6D45C-D7B6-459F-8AE9-1FCA87D97C8A.jpeg 4880FD31-D110-465B-B76B-643EABF1E8B7.jpeg
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    Hauling slurry
    Im actually hauling muck near the training area, when I next see a truck I will try and see whats written on the tyre. Was mostly Apaches today, they dont have big wheels. :ROFLMAO:

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    North Yorkshire
    @TripleSix have you seen the compressor?
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  7. Yeah, it's three phase electric though sadly.
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  8. Got involved in fabricating some posts to mount concrete panels on in a shed that will have a drying floor fitted, posts to provide a 1m wide plenum.

    Built to the customers design.
    I would've done it slightly differently, but it should work ok.

    Had the 350a MIG turned most of the way up...

    IMG_20180212_122820.jpg IMG_20180212_122813.jpg IMG_20180212_133506.jpg IMG_20180213_110354.jpg IMG_20180213_110517.jpg

    Ended up plasma cutting a new lid for the carcase incinerator because the old one was so rotten that the chimney had fallen off...

    IMG_20180213_162624.jpg IMG_20180213_162638.jpg IMG_20180213_162638.jpg IMG_20180213_164403.jpg
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    Sunny Essex
    Why are the panels going to be off the floor:scratchhead:
  10. Drying floor to be fitted
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    Sunny Essex
    Oh feck, yes, sorry, I missed that important part of the post!:banghead:

    Thanks @Philip Watkins , sorry @TripleSix
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    the brecks norfolk
    Cultivated some of the ex beet land, it was just starting to haze out a little and it started to rain again. 20180214_161854.jpg
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  13. Pffft
  14. v8willy

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    Past while....

    Fitted this on the 2nd attempt, no ratchet &works well too.
    Then back to this.

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  15. waterbuffalofarmer

    Feeding sheep today...:love:
    Brrrrrrrrr very chilly.... Still it's nice when it's cold ;)
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    East Essex
    No it's not :scratchhead:
  17. Peter

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    an another one in almost ready to run 20180214_165319.jpg
    spot for second machine
    couple hours working over cows heads tying up airline and network cable 200ft along here to milk house. My hands are killing me this morning. What did do before zip ties where invented? lot of tape.
    milk house work almost finished.
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    Revamped strawberry sprayer IMG_0058.JPG IMG_0059.JPG new engine and pump plus new nozzles just need to paint it now
  19. All delivered safe had to count them twice

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    Ridge and furrow showing up in the sunshine would love to see it being done back in the day upload_2018-2-15_14-26-32.jpeg upload_2018-2-15_14-26-32.jpeg
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