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Today at work

Discussion in 'Pictures & Videos' started by Penmoel, May 20, 2013.

  1. DaveJ

    DaveJ Member

    I do like a Deere 1365:love:. Still the cleanest cutting mower to have come here. It's a pity trailed MoCos are almost unjustifiably dearer than the equivalent mounted as I do think they make a tidier job.
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  2. Shutesy

    Shutesy Moderator

    That's some neat digging, credit to you, wish I was that handy on our digger :rolleyes:
  3. bovrill

    bovrill Member

    East Essex
    Nipped over to where the Essex YFC show is this Sunday this evening.
    Marquees going up everywhere.
    As is the way of the world now, no-oe could move without a hi-vis on, so I blagged one for the dog too. I think I was the only person there that didn't take a photo of him in it! I'll have to raid my nieces insta-snap-app thing for a picture.
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  4. Mickeymatbro

    Mickeymatbro Member

    IMG_3379.JPG IMG_3380.JPG made a start today

    Attached Files:

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  5. Deerefarmer

    Deerefarmer Member

    Rain last night, and off and on again today, so ran errands this am ,got the 8650 in shop to figure out what was causing the steering column to not tilt properly, what a bunch of faffing, a weld had broke,got it fixed tho 20180516_123224.jpg 20180516_123112.jpg 20180516_143757.jpg also our ekotuner stopped by to tweak a certain tractor,:whistle: and check some hp's on his dyno 20180516_153200.jpg always a fun experience(y):cool:
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  6. Hesstondriver

    Hesstondriver Member

    Working nights this week, had a quick look on the camera , quick phone call to the wife (the one circled to the left) to go and check tonight's new arrival ,(on the right) nights.PNG
  7. Shovelhands

    Shovelhands Member

    Sunny Essex
    Thank you (y)
  8. They don’t usually lie like that
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  9. fermec860

    fermec860 Member

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  10. had e nuff

    had e nuff Member

    I think you must have more hours in a day than the rest of us the amount of work you seem to cram in.
  11. Flat 10

    Flat 10 Member

    Fen Edge
    He really cheeses me off ;)
    I spent 3 hours yesterday sorting pallets and loading them on a lorry. And I wonder where my day goes......
  12. Phil P

    Phil P Member

    North West
    Up at half 5:00, got home at 21:30 standard day really:rolleyes:
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  13. Greenbeast

    Greenbeast Member

    East Sussex
    Just missed a big birthday for Daisy this morning:


    Good bacon this week


    Hmm, intruders...

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  14. Greenbeast

    Greenbeast Member

    East Sussex

    I never thought there'd be cross over between secondary school IT support (my first 'career') and pig farming (my second), but Nedap also make rfid card entry/logging systems for buildings and we installed one over the course of a couple of years for casual sixth form attendance/registers
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  15. franklin

    franklin New Member

    My Picanto has done many, many miles round grass margins, down tracks, full of gas guns, hoicking plough parts around. Good little cars. Mine has cost pennies to run.
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  16. JP1

    JP1 Moderator

    Amazing company. The livestock EID kept them alive during a difficult period in the 80's . It's a steady small, smart division. Some of the other sectors they work in are amazing. Retail used to be just anti-shoplifting looms but now an ostensibly plain price tag has full tracking, provenance details and re-location codes.

    The smart light controls in warehouses and other big areas save a fortune in power

    The health care smartphone home visitor app for carers has mushroomed

    The HQ building is a revelation, full of techies and quirky to attract more staff

    Will post a couple of photos in a moment
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  17. JP1

    JP1 Moderator

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  19. had e nuff

    had e nuff Member

    IMG_20180517_104310.jpg Been cutting tree branches off today to keep the forager driver happy. Be a few weeks yet till cutting though @fredf
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