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  1. Pringles

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    West Fife
    09E26CE8-3F80-4FF7-87F3-DDC71285A6AC.jpeg Mixed breed chopping today. CaseIH Optum 270 on the demo Pottinger wagon showing our MF 6480 what difference an extra 120hp makes!!!
  2. Gerbert

    Gerbert Member

    Dutch biblebelt
    Another ride today. Never properly drove a miniloader before, I guess the contractor trusts me(y).
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  3. Pan mixer

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    Near Colchester
    More mowing, less grass in this field but got to keep going as I will need the aftermaths.

  4. v8willy

    v8willy Member

    When your contractor can’t get enough into the pit…

    Bet you can’t get them 3 high?

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  5. v8willy

    v8willy Member


    First bit cut for hay


    First calf from a new bull
  6. v8willy

    v8willy Member

    So much for the hay
    IMG_7569.JPG IMG_7570.JPG
    Started to rain so plan b
    All gathered before it started to rain properly, another man happy.
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  7. mixed breed

    mixed breed Member

    Took lambs and spent the morning in market. Drinking tea mainly and yakking about farming, getting old and the weather. Came home and set the OH up topping the wetlands. IMG_20180611_143415.jpg then did the weekly Mill n mix IMG_20180613_211849.jpg
    Started raining after milking so thought I'd best load up the spreader IMG_20180613_203425.jpg greened up quite well in a week IMG_20180613_200411.jpg hopefully we'll get plenty as everywhere needs a drink..
  8. Mouser

    Mouser Member

    near Belfast
  9. v8willy

    v8willy Member

    He says not, I've done it for him before a few years ago, I wouldn't have been surprised if they were on the yard next morning :rolleyes:
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  10. Adeptandy

    Adeptandy Member

    Frustrating week so far, need to do a bit of spraying, but been a bit windy so been out on the road earning a few :greedy:


    This wasn’t a pleasant job, had 2 of them to fit in a pair of semi’s sharing the same loft. Twas rather cramped, did a lot of it standing over the loft hatch :rolleyes:


    A lot of skeletons and you can imagine the smell. Won’t be rushing back :yuck:
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  11. GeorgieB82

    GeorgieB82 Member

    I haven't posted much on T@W recently as mist of my work has been residential extensions, demolition and rebuilds etc; but; this interesting barn conversion was granted permission last week!
    From this:
    2017-081v1 - Picture1.jpg
    2017-081v1 - Picture2.jpg
    To This:
    2017-081v3 - Picture2.jpg 2017-081v3 - Picture5.jpg
    To eventually submit an application to amend the scheme to this:
    2017-081v2 - Picture1.jpg
    2017-081v2 - Picture2.jpg
    We couldn't go to this final version in the initial application as by digging down and recessing the walls we weren't converting the barn but informal conversations suggest that this would be considered as a alternative scheme once the initial scheme has been enacted.
    Two high spec 4-bed barn conversions - estimated value £700k each.
  12. JP1

    JP1 Moderator

    Oversite now on our new office and distribution facility build

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  13. jellybean

    jellybean Member

    Not sure I understand. Are you saying you will have to build the first version and then alter it, or that you can amend the plan and only build the final version?
  14. GeorgieB82

    GeorgieB82 Member

    It entirely depends on the council. In this case once we have made a significant start, then they will consider altering the scheme. The neighbouring authority insist on the building being in a habitable state before considering it a dwelling and then being able to alter it.
    We haven't been given any assurances as to what stage we need to get to but our feeling is once it is no longer feasible to use it for agricultural purposes and it has some elements of residential development. Even if the client needs to throw up some block walls and then knock them down to enable us to get the new permission it will be worth it as to get full use of the first floor we need to drop the ground floor 600mm.
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  15. Hesstondriver

    Hesstondriver Member

    Dispatched OH to negotiate some telegraph poles with the topper 47C4D46C-D517-4321-923B-E4C2443EFBF3.jpeg
  16. Some slurry out on the silage ground
  17. Jon 3085

    Jon 3085 Member

    Worcester, UK
    IMG_2481.JPG Bit more hay down.
  18. smcapstick

    smcapstick Member

    Kirkby Lonsdale
    You know when you bang on about how nice and manoeuvrable two wheel drive tractors are, and how real drivers don’t get stuck?

    I got stuck.

    The walk all the way back to the farm for the ‘big tractor’ is a PITA, too. Luckily, when I pulled the little one out, it followed me all the way back to the farm - no walk back for me! (y)
  19. davidroberts30

    So you not a real driver then:LOL:
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  20. smcapstick

    smcapstick Member

    Kirkby Lonsdale
    It would appear not!

    I only get stuck there once a year. though :)
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