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  1. Steevo

    Steevo Member

    Difficult question I know....but how long do you expect that to take?

    Average field size?
    And if it were just 1 year growth?
  2. puppet

    puppet Member

    sw scotland
    Helped a neighbour out as short of labour.

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  3. Greenbeast

    Greenbeast Member

    East Sussex
    These are spread over the last week or so

    I guess there's no way round this beyond daily checking. Higher wires would be fine when they the age/size they are now (all 6 months+) but when we move from the young pen or wean into here we need the low wires


    Do not use your nice pocket knife as a screwdriver (especially when it was a gift from one's good lady)


    Do not leave one's only nice axe in a bulk bag of wood scraps to go on the bonfire (yes, the head has lost it's temper)


    Some nice free range piglets decided to rearrange my spoil pile that was due to go back in this hole

    I love pigs, they've taken away the electric gate wire and dug out (i've boarded up since and then been back down and they're now digging deeper to get under the boards)


    Daisy went off for an overnight city break to have her under-parts fondled


    Hmm, deep litter is exerting some pressure here:
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  4. Pan mixer

    Pan mixer Member

    Near Colchester
    Moving a few bits across the farm in the hope that it might rain enough soon to sow some grass seed.

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  5. Silaging underway again..was pulling some tyres out of the grass and saw this fella...
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  6. Jhabc

    Jhabc Member


    A member from Devon seems to be having great difficulties right now ( and please read the Telling The Wife thread on off topic)

    If anyone knows him please can they can check on him or his family sonnest

    @Clive @JP1
  7. JP1

    JP1 Moderator

    I will send you a PM . Thank you .
  8. ARW

    ARW Member

    It’s hard to say! A long time!
    The sides take about 3 passes and the top can take 5 passes or more, I just take the thick off to find the old cutting line then aim for that. Cutting hedges annually is best, takes half the time, keeps the hedge close for nesting birds and all the berries grow inside the hedge behind the cutting line.
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  9. Will, chop or graze that next year
  10. Hilly

    Hilly Member

    Scottish Borders.
    Graze, it gets a bit steep for chopping , not too bad but have plenty to chop and short of top door grazing, i got into big trouble for ploughing this as its a roman camp , historic scotland cautioned me etc etc etc , all sorted now but spent last winter under caution and worried about court action, never happend and got written consent to cultivate this year , thats why im so late in the year with grass took all summer to negotiate.
  11. Will give the field a spray before winter out of interest
  12. Hilly

    Hilly Member

    Scottish Borders.
    No, will only spray in spring if weeds start, its had ph corrected and lots of fym over several years, so spring max fert max stock !
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  13. boyo

    boyo Member

    20180914_192532.jpg v 20180914_192618.jpg progress today
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  14. looks good ,,, good job you long way from rwg
  15. Warp Land Farmer

    Hazzard County
    NORWICH Anyone have any contact details for a mobile tyre fitter to put a telehandler tyre back in its rim mid morning today? @nick... @carbonfibre farmer
  16. boyo

    boyo Member

    Yeah bit far from him but we have pembrokeshires own version PMS
  17. A and b tyres at roundham good firm. Near snetterton but travel all over. @Exfarmer uses them too.(y)
    01953 718437
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  18. robbie

    robbie Member

    the brecks norfolk
    @Warp Land Farmer If you have no luck with a and b, let me know and I'll give you the number for tolbot tyres at hockham or Neil the wheel out dereham way. They both have mobile vans and will soon get you sorted.
  19. nick...

    nick... Member

    south norfolk
    Google talbot tyres ive found number 07825253040
    Chris is a top bloke
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  20. Warp Land Farmer

    Hazzard County
    Nick, top man thanks, got Chris on the case for 11am. Owe you a pint if we ever meet! Thank you to everyone else for replying.
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