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  1. Hesstondriver

    Hesstondriver Member

    Super, I bumped into Clare the other day who still has her cattle there!

    you may know the Hicks Family then with the Blondes then ?
  2. Clare is a lovely gal, really smashing and good fun, great with her cattle too. I don’t see much of her but used to get on well with her at college. Last time we spoke was David Bells funeral. I think she lives up north now?

    I know a couple of Hicks families. If it’s the family I’m thinking of then yes, I’ve known them all my life, they are neighbours of my brother and used to run a HGV garage nearby where we had our lorries serviced.

    Small world!!
  3. Hesstondriver

    Hesstondriver Member

    yes that's them! Derek from the garage is marrying our nextdoor neighbour next year ! , and clare is moving from the north, to a couple of miles from here !!

    very small world !
  4. C'mon then moderators, what's so special about the farming forum turkey feed?? 20181011_094028.jpg
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  5. Has it got added bullsh!t with extra waffle?
  6. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    North of York
    @Clive will be making a couple of quid per tonne somewhere.
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  7. Gator

    Gator Member

    First job , move gimmers before all the crag rats turn up:shifty: 20181011_074350.jpg

  8. JCfarmer

    JCfarmer Member

    Do you have to sort the wheat from the chaff in the bag?
  9. It's made by TFF, I haven't got all day!
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  10. Perfect conditions today, this part of field about 1km long, I’m bored!
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  11. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    Maybe I should sue !
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  12. Dave6170

    Dave6170 Member

    Watten, caithness
    Nice old fendt!
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  13. Gator

    Gator Member

    Few more from today, another gather 20181011_112519.jpg
    set this up 20181011_103508.jpg


    pulled the cheviots and mules out teady for the teaser
  14. A1an

    A1an Member

    Up on the hill this morning.


    Loaded drying floors this afternoon.

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  15. Wombat

    Wombat Member

    East yorks
    Don't think I have ever seen wheat go in as well. Got a bit tacky in one field last night a 10pm though

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  16. Forever Fendt

    Forever Fendt Member

    Completed this building today for a TFF member, Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 18.27.46.png Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 18.26.51.png It is a replacement calving shed
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  17. davidroberts30

    Last bale of the year stacked 20181011_085312.jpg
    Just as it started to pee down

    So new teeth on hedger 20181011_130322.jpg
    And go and do a bit 20181011_144101.jpg 20181011_151427.jpg
  18. Greenbeast

    Greenbeast Member

    East Sussex
    Got a digger man onsite doing some bits and bobs, he's about to change buckets to start digging a trench for me and wanders over asking for a grinder and an 8mm bolt (about 70-100mm long), you can guess what i find when i follow him back to his machine with the bits :D :D

    Hmm i think one of these animals is in the wrong place....

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  19. Left for you by a kindly traveller?
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  20. Greenbeast

    Greenbeast Member

    East Sussex

    lol no, we own the horse, the boar decided the grass was greener, to be fair, it literally is.
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