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Today at work

Discussion in 'Pictures & Videos' started by Penmoel, May 20, 2013.

  1. JP1

    JP1 Moderator

    Muck Central today
    45660993_10218720483386128_3899026420034174976_n.jpg Dung-1.jpg
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  2. bovrill

    bovrill Member

    East Essex
    If you could put that in writing......

    Oh, hang on, you have :eek::)
    I'll send my 1056 up after the weekend (y):ROFLMAO:
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  3. 1056 will take oooo about 3000 hrs
    Deal ;):LOL:
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  4. bovrill

    bovrill Member

    East Essex
    £4375 + VAT, you're on!
    I'll sort tranport out in the morning (n):p

    You haven't seen the state of it :eek:
    (By the way, it's not the Case one I keep posting pictures of.
    That's not our last hope. There is another :sneaky:)
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2018
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  5. HappyShep76

    HappyShep76 Member

    A047EBBC-E917-44DF-BEB3-2144E9ED2EBE.jpeg 796EA6F4-46C0-4153-BEBE-28128F68DB4D.jpeg BB744BF5-498B-4985-A511-276095E7007F.jpeg 8A362353-82EA-4773-8978-5C9B62E5D7A9.jpeg 836703E3-504B-4585-BA84-D0DD80C00BED.jpeg Some pics from one of today’s job
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  7. Pan mixer

    Pan mixer Member

    Near Colchester
    Built another cow trap, the heifers were very interested, I hope they will be when I go and try and get them in a trailer.

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  8. You haven't seen our £4375 jobs have you
    Send it by all means but money upfront :D:D
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  9. Quiet in here these days normally after day I'm nearly 30 pages behind

    Nowt garn on chaps n chapesses
  10. Mur Huwcun

    Mur Huwcun Member

    North West Wales
    Oh don’t worry, @Phil P will be along shortly with a weeks worth of jobs he’s done before lunch today!!
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  11. Library pictures.... :ROFLMAO:
  12. Phil P

    Phil P Member

    North West
    Funeral today so no pics sorry:(
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  13. bovrill

    bovrill Member

    East Essex
    Here's our library:
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  15. bkg

    bkg Member

  16. Pan mixer

    Pan mixer Member

    Near Colchester
    I find it is easier to keep up with @Phil P if you take pictures of what all 4 of us have been doing today and pretend that you did them all.
  17. Yes the yellow peril is there so going to spit polish that and meet up with a few chaps for a natter and a meet n greet with a few others

    Are you?
  18. Adeptandy

    Adeptandy Member


    Back on fence removal again today


    This one was in a long way :eek:
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2018
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  19. Sharpy

    Sharpy Member

    Ardrossan Ayrshire
    Do you think that @bovrill realises that the quote doesn't include the £25,000 of parts required......
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  20. Your thinking along the same lines as we do now :ROFLMAO:
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