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  1. When we got up this morning and there was a cowpat in the front porch we figured something was wrong.
    Cue a thrilling session chasing 4 jersey cows and a Hereford bull around the yard in the dark.

    Still haven't found the pin for the gate.

    Eventually got to the horse spot, did a bit of this


    And dug some holes to pour some foundations for a tank support.

    Had a Nissan terrano on the trailer coming home, they're bloody heavy, I had to find 1st gear three times on Sutton bank...
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  2. Rowland

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    Northeast England
    Feeding sheep this morning with a canny outlook

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  3. Got a few bits attached Mr Jason's plastic pig
    Also a grey gold getting the full works
    Few more of the 7000
    20190110_150348.jpg 20190110_160212.jpg
  4. Robert K

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    Brilliant lights
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  5. jendan

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  6. kiwi pom

    kiwi pom Member

    canterbury NZ
  7. slim shiny

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    Thetford, norfolk
    That’s going very well so far, 960 hrs since September. Better on the drill and plough than the Cat and much better on fuel all round. Although today the Cat would of been better at crossing over veg beds but with it being wet it would of struggled for grip and skated all over the place.
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  8. What was wrong with the robots?
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  9. Bald Rick

    Bald Rick Member

    Nothing except we outgrew them (had six)... and constant alarm calls
    And running costs
    And cost f expansion on robots as it’s one machine plus 60-70 cows rather than dribble them on on a parlour/rotary
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  10. How longs a piece of string

    Need pictures and a bit of history
    But even then it's hard to put a retail price on in
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  11. SMID

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    Sorn Ayrshire
    Are you renewing the timing chain and the adjuster James ?
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  12. Monty

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    Nantwich, Cheshire
    Not the best of starts to today. All the heifers mixed in with the cows:facepalm:

    Putang! and the mole is gone. No wait, that's cillit bang. Love these traps 17 to me 0 to the moles:) 100_2347.JPG

    Just the usual boring day to day jobs. Strawing the cow shed

    This one has a lovely coat of straw to keep her warm:D 100_2349.JPG

    Bale of straw into the cow cubicles today. Bloody midi hestons! One day I will finish the cladding at the back of the shed. It's only been about 4 months since I put the doorway in at the back though:rolleyes::ROFLMAO: 100_2354.JPG

    Another bale for the little heifers we keep at our neighbours place 100_2356.JPG

    Like sardines 100_2359.JPG
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  13. not strictly today at work but I did come in from bedding down the cows ........anyway you've heard of the cat in the hat well this is the cat trying to get in the smallest box

    nearly but no banana

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  14. jendan

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    How do you get on with cell count if some of your milkers are loose housed?
  15. jendan

    jendan Member

    I dont want to sell it.It was a price from you to restore it. Needs brakes doing.Still has original engine,about 10500 hours.Rusty bonnet and battery tray gone.Cab rotten down sides of windscreen.
  16. Monty

    Monty Member

    Nantwich, Cheshire
    We had issues with high cells when we first started part loose housing them but got it cracked now by tweeking the layout plus wiping the dirty ones off once a day and taking the hose pipe to any filthy udders completely covered to keep them clean. Cell count has actually been the lowest we've ever had this current year. Rolling 12 month average of 79. Having much more of an issue with teats being trodden on. 2 more 3/4 cows so far this winter:cry:
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  17. Shutesy

    Shutesy Moderator

    I think he was refering to restoration. Surely pictures and a detailed explanation required for even a ballpark price!
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  18. nick...

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    south norfolk
    5FF2D38C-6728-4D38-8B80-E0AABBAACAF6.jpeg 5F4DF1DA-AE54-4AD1-A3D0-4640F4E58251.jpeg E331C5BB-B3BD-4417-A48D-7B71CCFBFBCF.jpeg 5302D49B-EC8A-46C6-8051-60DAA77B97D9.jpeg 04E7C064-48D5-47B2-AEDA-3572DA4DC1FF.jpeg
    Had a blocked rainwater drain to sort out yesterday.big house in wymondham had drain keep overflowing in the rain.pipe from drain went across yard to flowerbed but not a soak away on the end.the whole pipe,probably 10/11 metres was full of roots.could not do anything with draining rods and worm so chain on roots and pulled out with digger.cleared pipe and installed new soakaway with four crates wrapped in teram.job sorted
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  19. Took the plunge and bought these last night, (y) a bull and a heifer, plan to add 5 more heifers soon and sell the bull too a neighbour, only bought the bull to keep the heifer company until more heifers are ready in a few weeks time
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  20. jonny

    jonny Member

    Got some hairdressing done today should leave them more comfortable inside IMG_0171.JPG
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