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  1. Gerbert

    Gerbert Member

    Dutch biblebelt
    @Phil P why do you get those small jugs of oil, why not 200 something liter ones?
    Or are you buying them on your customers account?
  2. Phil P

    Phil P Member

    North West
    Customer account, I get some discount on them so no real price difference and it keeps things simple. I’ve looked into buying ibc’s but can’t get the price down enough to warrant me buying it to sell on.
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  3. mtx.jag

    mtx.jag Member

    Nice change today,sat on the pump so catch up with paperwork (y) BBD48DC3-14E7-4EF0-95A1-4210C3D61707.jpeg 768ED677-EE34-4468-ADB6-AF503E674C47.jpeg

    One for @Phil P ;)
    Nearly 7000 hours and still looks mint even on a loader:)

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  4. Joshie

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    North Yorkshire
    A few from the last month or so. Bit of muck spreading, installed a grant funded rain water harvesting tank and a photo of some calves 20190118_085117.jpg 20190205_123107.jpg 20190123_212809.jpg 20190102_142142.jpg
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  5. Joshie

    Joshie Member

    North Yorkshire
    It's just like a couple of very fine gauzes. And There's a siphon thing to take any scum off the top if the water. It's working ok but it hasn't rained in 2 days and they're fair drinking it!
  6. Breckland Boy

    Breckland Boy Member

    Made a start with applying Nitrogen to some barley this morning. IMG_20190212_110030821.jpg
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  7. mar

    mar Member

    What make is the filter, where did you get it
  8. grainboy

    grainboy Member

    More of the same today, it’s one hell of a grab.
    One left for tomorrow, and clear up site.

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  9. CrevisbigX

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  10. APJ

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    West Midlands
    Just doing our 6630 and boy they are stuck together found a wedge very useful, the pin on the lift ram doesn’t help!
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  11. Phil P

    Phil P Member

    North West
    Carried on with the 6420 this morning, full service required. Looks like something was trying to nest in the air box:ROFLMAO:

    About half way through the service and got called to a 6320 that wouldn’t start, turned out to be just a lazy battery:facepalm:

    Back to the 6420, finished the service but needed a track rod as well. This wasn’t part of the plan though:banghead:

    Spot of drilling

    And tapping, and good as new :)

    Luckily the track rod came off easy enough.

    After them couple of setbacks I didn’t have much time left for the 6630 head gasket. As it happened I didn’t get the head back till late afternoon anyway, hmm head in the afternoon:love: ops sorry thinking of something completely different for a minute then :stop::oops::LOL::ROFLMAO:.

    Anyway, shiny “Cylinder” head

    Got the head built up and block cleaned before running out of time, at least I’m ready to nail it all back together tomorrow now(y)

    Oh, and the old man did the parts run, also booked another big ish job in for next week (get to pull my first R series to bits:nailbiting::))
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  12. Joshie

    Joshie Member

    North Yorkshire
    There's a few on the enduramax website
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  13. Robert K

    Robert K Member

    Loaded up this lot IMG_20190211_172512272.jpg
  14. mtx.jag

    mtx.jag Member

    Good day yesterday,same today and jobs a good un :) 3453E734-DE2E-4E44-B2BA-E76FEF09305B.png

    Old bus used 19L/hour yesterday of fuel reving at 880 pto all day so I’m happy as well as the customer (y)
    She turns 9000 hours today :nailbiting:
  15. CrevisbigX

    CrevisbigX Member

    Pump rebuilt new frame built today for a pumping job then we will strip it down so it can go and be galvanise over the weekend IMG_0679.JPG IMG_0682.JPG IMG_0696.JPG IMG_0701.JPG
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  16. waterbuffalofarmer

    IMG_20190213_134818696.jpg IMG_20190213_134814995.jpg made bagels for the first time ever. Does this count as work? :whistle::cautious:
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  17. AgriiMark

    AgriiMark Member

    Been to see a friend. . Could this be my new machine may need @Phil P to follow me around with spares 20190213_141556.jpg
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  18. Twin beacons......Check
    Twin wobbly aerials....Check
    Yep you’re good to go (y):LOL:
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  19. Steevo

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