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Discussion in 'Pictures & Videos' started by Penmoel, May 20, 2013.

  1. mtx.jag

    mtx.jag Member

    Have you got a job for the low loader or just sell it on?
  2. We've wanted one for a long time, partly for taking the Kramer places, partly as a smaller trailer for moving bales.
    A handy thing to have.

  3. Dman2

    Dman2 Member

    Durham, UK
    But not behind the van at 50mph:whistle::whistle:
  4. New Puritan

    New Puritan Member

    East Sussex
    Is your van one of the AWD ex Gas Board ones? The Kramer looks a good sized machine - are there many of them about? I don't know anything about them.
  5. silverfox

    silverfox Member

    DF4477E1-5849-4F16-A181-2CDB5B815964.jpeg 358E39BB-733B-40E7-B476-23966FE9A0D4.jpeg 5825B2F5-36E4-46D4-A3D7-888417A1EF24.jpeg The tack sheep are on the last leg with the turnips. The in lambers are going home a bit at a time, the hogs will hopefully clear up.
  6. Wombat

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    East yorks
  7. JP1

    JP1 Moderator

    Roussin lambs coming on well. Better weather forecast next week too IMG_2520.JPG IMG_2523.JPG
  8. JP1

    JP1 Moderator

    First ever Belted Galloway calf for TwoMills. Nice strong bull calf to an aged cow I bought incalf. An incomplete belt means he was ringed straight away

    IMG_2512.JPG IMG_2515.JPG
  9. It is an AWD ex british gas transit, it took some finding in that spec!

    The Kramer is brilliant, dead simple but good to use.
    There is plenty about, you just don't really see them
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  10. Breckland Boy

    Breckland Boy Member

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  11. Robert K

    Robert K Member

    Painted up YFC prelims barrels and discovered a leak in the shed plumbing Snapchat-963068097.jpg IMG_20190315_124340522.jpg
  12. mtx.jag

    mtx.jag Member

    This steering ram on the reeler draw bar had been stressing me out for a while,visions of it opening out on the road and taking a car out,so I thought as I had a spare hour I’d crack on and sort it :banghead::facepalm: 1796CB62-D997-417D-8885-9B9459318284.jpeg
    Bit more pipe than I thought :rolleyes: 6095BE62-44FC-498F-BB38-784FEC4F052F.jpeg
    Looks loads better and a new top link fitted straight in where the ram was (y) 3EB9D98D-E000-45B0-8A85-8182F26DD21D.jpeg
    Just find a place to stick this for long term storage now,sure I will need it one day :LOL: 956F547B-7714-4086-90D4-328B18C641B2.jpeg
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  13. davidroberts30

  14. Mur Huwcun

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    North West Wales
    Managed another hour today turning theses skip off cuts


    Into some haunches.


    And managed some painting aswell and painted the stanchions on the trailer. Still miles if not continents away from @Phil P daily achievements!!!
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  15. Robert K

    Robert K Member

    what's happened too it
  16. davidroberts30

    Matt attacked it:LOL:
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  17. mtx.jag

    mtx.jag Member

    All fully working still,just wanted to tidy pipe work up,removed the rear manual valves as well,hence all the pipe (y)
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  18. Phil P

    Phil P Member

    North West
    Can’t say as it’s been an overly productive today really:oops:, not by usual standards anyway:rolleyes:.

    After spending the morning at the airport drinking coffee and not much else really, I called at a mates on the way home (for another brew:whistle:).
    Another mate was there getting his new cat digger delivered in his yard.

    It was a big wagon for a little digger:ROFLMAO:

    Then a quick shaft repair when I got back to the yard. Turned this
    Into this.

    And that was about it(y)
  19. marco

    marco Member

    tipperary, ireland
    did you build that with a mig?
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  20. Phil P

    Phil P Member

    North West
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