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Phil P

North West
Its strange though
Most farmers would think nothing of getting into a £50k tractor with mucky hands, yet would not get into a £5k car the same
Me included
I don’t like getting my hands dirty full stop! The old man real p!$$es me off though, his tractor wold look like stigg of the dump lived in it if I didn’t keep bollocking him! The number of times I’ve found the grease gun in the cab:mad::banghead::cry:


East Sussex
Here’s what’s been happening this week -
Got caught up with the muck spreading for a bit.
View attachment 787840

Wheel swap on on the sprayer.
View attachment 787844

Then mang and weed control on winter barley.
View attachment 787842

Finally got a spare hour to sort some of my own jobs out, so treated the 6520 to a new bonnet louvre, mirror glass and a tail light cover (hedge cutting damage!!!!)
View attachment 787850

New buttons on the 6630 as well.
View attachment 787852

Had a day at the airport, they’ve finally got a ramp after 6 years of asking!
View attachment 787854

And the new batwing landed thanks to @ED.D (y), however the lads decided they couldn’t be bothered to drop a machine off one of the tractors to move it:facepalm: do you think it’s over loaded? :ROFLMAO:
View attachment 787856

And finally got a call, “have you got time to do some firt spreading?” Sure why not(y) got a bit of spare time, there and asked “how much is there?” Reply “erm about 600ac” doh:facepalm:

It’s not a bad when it’s a mile from one end to the other, I have ordered a hopper extension though:rolleyes:
View attachment 787846

Compounds where a little dusty!
View attachment 787848

And that’s about it for this week(y)

Can the bonnet louvres be glued any sense at all do you know? Ours has some hedgecutting damage but they’re all there, just a bit flopsy!!

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