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Why did you put the cattle away?
why did i stop keeping cattle ?well a whole host of reasons, one there stopped to be any profit in it,also with the new regulations water (pollution)it would have involved a lot of investment,with brexit and the lack of confidence i have in the future i did not feel like going to seni bridge and knighton and investing £100.000 in store cattle ,my son and partner in the farm enterprise has no interest in cattle he prefers sheep ? 😕 and i am 67 and don't bounce very well there was a time when i could nose a beast and put it on the floor, but those days have gone, oh yes i nearly forgot TB we have three holdings and its a pain to have to round them up and bring them home for testing we are always contiguose (cant spell it) one neighbour or another is down all the time and then there is the tracers

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Went to check drainage pump , lifts it 5 metres int river and a bit of wheat after spuds drilled mid October , had to plough it to bring a bit of dry up , nice bit of silt with a corner of black


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Shropshire farmers plant 4,000 trees in anticipation of ELMS changes

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Written by Billy Wickham

Farmers in Shropshire have planted nearly 4,000 native trees after Severn Trent gave out tree-packs at two local events, to test engagement and appetite for tree planting on marginal land.

Dr. Alex Cooke, Severn Trent senior catchment scientist, explained that due to such a high level of take-up from farmers, the water company is now looking into rolling out the scheme...