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Getting ready for the next lot of small bale hauling with a new to me squeezer, just needed lights and checking over.


Should be able to haul them as fast as we can bale them now - some further away fields need baling when the annoying and useless rain showers stop.


I did get some fertilizer on some aftermaths this morning though, maybe not enough rain for that in the end - we did have a severe weather warning at the time.


and discovered an almost problem with the inverter welder plug. It has only been on there for 12 years.

How many L / ha will the Air Con add to your consumtion, both high summer use and the mild to you temps you are seeing currently?
don’t know, but on a 300 hp engine while working, I think it would be very little, or even measurable . . .
It’s going to take the same amount of power to run the compressor whether it’s a 60 hp engine or 600 hp. Obviously the bigger the engine the less it is noticed

I have played around with the fuel consumption display in the past with the A/C. Just sitting at idle, showing l / hr, there is a slightly perceptible increase when turning A/C on, maybe 0.1 l / hr ?
When sitting at higher engine revs, or working in the field, you can’t notice any real difference in consumption, in either l / hr or l / ha
No worries, l think you and me could work together just fine. At least you have a keep out sign on the grain silo. A neighbour of mine used to dress his cereal seed in a cement mixer until he was no longer allowed to buy the seed dressing.

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