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One of those days today, met up with the combine fitter this morning to sort out the drum speed sensor, new sensor the other day but that didn't make much difference to the low speed reading. There was a magnet missing so a new set of four put on and ended up with a half speed reading. I feel that the box gubbins that is the speed display is suspect even though the fan speed and forward speed aren't too far out. Had to go back home to sort out a leaking water pipe at the back of a cupboard, serves me right for using a bit of secondhand pipe because it had a soldered 90° bend on it, it was seeping out of the soldered joint so new bit of pipe and a compression 90° sorted that.
Back to the combine and went to a field of wheat that was over 17% two days ago and even with all the heat today was still too high for us to bother with. Tried another and another but still they can wait especially with all the volunteer oats that are still green. Decided to look at the oat field I was in a week ago that was over 19% but when I walked into it the ears were in danger of shedding if it got caught in a storm so in with the combine. Moisture readings all over the place from 11.5% to 18%, that'll even out in the heap with a bit of stirring.
Typical arse job when I picked the header up off the trailer and it hadn't hooked on properly so thought I had it on a good enough hump to drop it on the floor and pick it up properly but no, off it went the other way. Out with a strap and pull it back and shove the block from the trailer under the front and the job was a good'un. Wrapped up the oats, put the kit away and went home.

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