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Poor ewes, never seen snow stuck to them like that
March 2013 blizzards we had to go looking for sheep due to lamb which were marooned in drifts. Drove the tractor across and initially they didn't want to leave the knowes which were very exposed but almost free of snow due to the gale. It took a leader to set them off into the wheel ruts and they followed in 2 long single file rows into the shed. They had no idea where they were going but knew it must be better. Every now and again one would would try to overtake but got bellied and had to fall back in line and I eventually had to pick a weak one up onto the bike to help it keep up. Remember thinking it all summed up the human race.

The new Sustainable Farming Incentive

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The new Sustainable Farming Incentive

Written by Tom Lewis

Source: Natural England

At NFU21, The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs...