Today at work

A Trebor

Isle of Axholme
Bit of a bend in but it will be ok tomorrow when it’s worked down


Livestock Farmer
When I was at School I was told by the careers teacher if you can not earn a living between eight and five you will be doing something wrong .
Yeah, Careers Teachers, now they were people who had succeeded in ar$e.
Those that can, do.
Those that can't, teach.
And those that can do neither, inspect.


Arable Farmer
I have a dresser almost exactly the same as that!

Only ever used it for barley though. I think the holes would be far too big for osr though. Shall have a look at it tomorrow.

Easier than my current setup!

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Mines got 3 sieves, top one does beans, middle one wheat/barley, small bottom one sorts the OSR, just move the auger to whatever outlet I’m keeping. It’s a right pain changing them.

35% of English and Welsh farmers possibly/probably depressed

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Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland

The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) has today, Thursday, October 14, published the findings of The Big Farming Survey, which shows 35% of English and Welsh farmers are either possibly or probably depressed.

The survey, based on over 15,000 responses, concentrates on the health and well-being of the farming community in England and Wales in the 2020s.

The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) is a national charity that provides support to the farming community across England and Wales.

Mental health​

Mental well-being, the survey notes, describes our ability to cope with the ‘ups and downs’ of everyday life.

According to the survey, 14% of the farming community is ‘possibly depressed’ while...