Tonsillectomy at an older age

Im considering it now at 46 Im just recovering from the worse ever dose and no way can I be down again I cant say I can remember ever feeling so ill. Ive had numerous bouts in the last 8 yrs which have been manageable so assume some are viral but this one was a humdinger of bacterial.

I can get one done privately for under £3k which is not great but imagine I'd have to wait at least 2 years on the NHS. Also pay in installments. The Master will not be happy with this but I cant go through this again.

My other concern is that I get older the risk is still there and assuming its harder to cope in my 60's is it not worth risking the illness again?
No thats a myth you can recover from any infection naturally unless there is a probable serious complication. Oral ABs take 3 days to kick in in that time a strong person will be on the road to recovery anyway and then taking them for 10 days after by Friday I will be fine with no loss of good bacteria - it takes 6 months to recover your gut bacteria after penicillin. ABs are over prescribed and Tonsillitis usually clears within 5 days. Its not necessarily the throat its the body pain & fever which is unbearable.

Today I am definitely on the up even though my head is in the shed and feel weak this is just the side effect of the illness.

I want to avoid any bout like this.


S E Cornwall
Chasingmytail have you asked the doctor to see a consultant about your tonsillitis and have you kept a diary of when and how severe the infection? Eldest daughter finally had her tonsils out after many years of infections culminating in an admission to hospital with a severe bout while at university at Twickenham. After six months of keeping the diary she was offered the choice of the operation by the consultant(y)

The operation was not easy because the tonsils had started to adhere to the throat and she still finds some pain if she gets an infection. The consultant, after the operation, agreed that she had definitely made the right decision because of the state of the tonsils:eek: am unsure if general procedure but the tonsils were also sent for biopsy:nailbiting:

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