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Does anyone know of a good supplier of consumables like grinding discs and gasket sealant etc that you can buy online an be delivered to you? I always forget to buy them when doing the rounds but they arnt important enough to buy specially!
Morris lubricants

liquimatic hy 205l
Ring Free MXC 15w/40 205l
85w/140 25l
croma chainsaw oil 25l

Morris direct £993.15 plus vat
premiere lubes £924.25
pallisers £865
TFM £855

All delivered
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We use Toolstation, as the crow flies it is only a few hundred meters from the workshop and on the same estate as a Skrewfix. We find the staff at Toolstation far more helpful so that is why they get our custom.


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All the Super 6 welding rods are of Chinese origin, we can supply them to all members of the forum at £8.00 plus vat, however they are not as good as the Bohler electrodes.
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I bought a pack recently and they appear to lay a poorer weld than the higher quality electrodes, I can normally achieve slag peeling behind the rod, no such joy with these rods! You have to beat the sh1t out of the welds to clean slag off, but the welds appear structural.


Used these rods a lot there fine once you get used to them. Used them to weld steel piles for a pier and as far as I know the piers still standing, the only thing I found with them ther a bit more fafing about setting the welder and getting your angles right compared to some more expensive rods.

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