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  1. had e nuff

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    Had toothache over the Easter weekend, kept me awake at night. Managed to get an appointment today at dentists. Was expecting to get it taken out there and then but oh no have to go back on the bloody 4th of June. Could have had the job done in 10 mins. Is it normal to have to wait so long for treatment?
  2. Mac10

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    Nothing worse, is there?!

    Is that private or NHS? I've gone private for dental, had one taken out and it was £80, but done same day, and worth every penny IMO to stop the pain.
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  3. quattro

    quattro Member

    I had one x Ray and tooth out same day £23-24 pounds didn’t begrudge that apart from the pain
  4. Hesston4860s

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    Nr Lincoln
    I’ve been private now for about 8 years, still have to wait fecking ages to get owt done !. Was waiting six weeks to have a tooth out last time I had faceache !.
  5. had e nuff

    had e nuff Member

    Not in any pain now, apparently nerve has died. On antibiotics incase of infection. Was told it will be £56 to get tooth out (NHS).
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  6. 66Longhorns

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    The last two years I have had some really bad toothache. NHS dentist would just put in a filling and would never do anymore. Eventually I bit the bullet and went private, had a treatment plan drawn up and had a quote for 2.5k. I ended up having 3 impacted wisdom teeth with abcesses removed which the NHS dentist never mentioned. Seemed expensive at the time but no teeth problems anymore and just have the twice yearly checkup and hygienist which isn't much more expensive than the NHS. Could never get an appointment with the NHS either, sign of the times sadly.
  7. 7610 super q

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    Same old same old. NHS, or private. Much needless waiting. Waiting in reception gets on my tit. Decided in the end to just arrive 20 minutes late each time, and be done with it. Still pulling teeth out with a pliers. Still drilling and grinding when filling a tooth. Hasn't progressed much over the last 40 years has it ?
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  8. Pilgrimmick

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    Had one out last month, not a hope of getting it done on the NHS for weeks, was in agony, so went private. Out the next day. £92 for the privilege though.
  9. Cowcalf

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    North of Scotland
    corsodyl mouth wash brilliant for keeping teeth in good order and free from toothache
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  10. DrWazzock

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    Went to a useless private dentist when we had no NHS here for a while. He said he wasn't capable of removing my rotten wisdom tooth and I would need to go to hospital but there was an 18 month waiting list. Thought that sounded like bollox to me so i went myself to the Nuffield hospital and saw a private consultant. When he saw the state of my tooth he took it out next day on the NHS at the NHS hospital where he also worked. They can do it if they get their finger out. Tooth had rotted into three pieces so was easy to take out.
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  11. David.

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    J11 M40
    Must depend where you are, NHS in town here very accessible, and they dont bugger about either, if you go in with a cracked or rotten tooth they will often pull it there and then. Most of the dentists currently seem to be Asian girls too.
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  12. Kelpie

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    Little Indian guy told me to relax as he was lifting me out of the chair with a pliers on my back molar, are you supposed to feel discomfort after freezing?
  13. RushesToo

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    Had 1 crap NHS dentist surgery [treatment OK]
    1 great NHS capped tooth - but definitely going slowly to do it right - no pain.
    1 seriously crap private treatment for root canal
    1 good NHS surgery and treatment.
    About to try a private implant.

    I just wish it was as easy and pleasant as the Dr's because it is just so haphazard and convoluted. The Dr's has always been simple and effective.
  14. Adrenicaine or Lignocaine (used for freezing calves heads for de-horning). Allegedly if you soak small piece of cotton wool in either of aforesaid agricultural drugs and shove up between cheek and gum will freeze offending tooth giving the chance for sleep or further investigation.
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  15. Do they do a massage before or after?
  16. David.

    David. Member

    J11 M40
    They are not the "Love you long time, soldier boy" type.:rolleyes:
    They are very well educated and professional dentists; mostly from India/Bangladesh/Pakistan regions of Asia.:pompous:
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  17. nick...

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    south norfolk
    Been today for a check is allways late and I have first appointment of the day.cant say anything either.ive got a good dentist but I’m still sh!t scared like most of us are
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  18. had e nuff

    had e nuff Member

    Got a cancellation today so tooth is now out. Numbness is starting to wear off so time for the ibuprofen. £59.10 to get it taken out.
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  19. JCMaloney

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    LE3 9EU
    Must say mine is spot on (NHS). Blew my chances of a perfect smile many years ago so its maintaining the tombstones now. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::D
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  20. I have one the same, after two rounds of root canal.

    It can stay where it is (y)
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