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Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Monty, May 25, 2019.

  1. Monty

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    Nantwich, Cheshire
    So yesterday our mf 4270 died on me. Just finished baling a field pulled out onto the lane and it lost drive. The hydraulics, pto, rev counter, steering all dead too. Not making any nasty noises although one of the hydraulic pumps sounded a bit juddery at low revs 5 mins before it died but plenty of oil in the back end. Would it be the damper plate gone or something more serious?
  2. ARW

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    Sounds like damper plate to me
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  3. Wombat

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    East yorks
    Just an edit is it a power shuttle?

    If so I would go the damper plate as above

    The hydraulics and the rev counter come off the pump drive on the right hand side which is driven by a special chain off the ipto pack cover. but it needs gearbox drive for them
  4. agrimax

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    Co Down
    Or if it's a dry clutch,it'll likely be the rivets gone in the centre of the clutch or pressure plate.
  5. Monty

    Monty Member

    Nantwich, Cheshire
    Yes it's a powershuttle model. Are they easy enough to replace like a dry clutch?
  6. rob h

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    east yorkshire
    We did our 6150 a couple of months back same symptoms as yours. It has a rubber damper so no rattling just no drive and a strong smell of burning rubber. Easy to fit simaler to doing a dry clutch
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