Tractors over the decades.

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  1. Iv still got my dad's first tractor he fought new in 1963, a 35x, it's sat in an old shed for twenty years. We then had a 135 with a loader, 4 cylinder that was sat on a hill and pumped with autostart, then we had 4 fists in the eights and nintys, 90/90 and 680. Now have a landini and Mf. Fiats not fists. Wonder if l will ever get another or will the landini and Fergie have to do me, in the 80,s when l was still at school dad was alway changing those fiats, there was a great dealer Willie burns on the go and a goog bank manager.
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    You buy a tractor now and work it to near death :-*
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    Same here and still very much in use.
    I am going to have to buy a new tractor in the near future and know it won't last as long, then again nor will I.
  4. Can remember going with dad, l was 12 in 1986, to look at tractors at burns yard at lanark, it was a great afternoon. We got a fiat 580 fwd with quickie loader, that was the first 4wd on the farm. Fists had good engines but rusted to bits.
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    We had two fiats a 780 and a 540 special
  6. Yeah well, 7 ton of spuds used to pay for a new tractor. Try that now.

    Some clueless oik will be here shortly to use the word " progress ".:(
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    That's called deflation :(
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  8. We had a540, a 580 , 680h,5804wd and a 90/90 , it was brand new in 93..

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