Tractors that never made production


I once drove a 8000 series while on a corse at jd, it had full independent suspension all round, the front suspension made it to production (ILS) but they axed the rear setup. Hell of smooth ride but I think the production cost made it unviable as an option due to all the massive moving parts. Wish I’d got some pics of it now (don’t think they where to keen on photos of there prototypes and it was pre sneaky smart phones:cautious:), it was a fantastic bit of engineering though,

I remember this tractor. Worked in norfolk for quite some time. Rare beast of a thing


NE Lincs
I remember this tractor. Worked in norfolk for quite some time. Rare beast of a thing
Here's some pics I took at Tillage 2003 of one with suspension all round. The close up pic is taken from the rear. I seem to remember in a very fuzzy way that I read in Profi that the setup was offered in Germany for a short while. Can anyone confirm?
Any combines out if interest that never made production..?

These two entered production briefly, but not for long - and to be fair, they were both based on existing designs well-established in other countries - the Deutz-Fahr rotary was a Vassali-Fabril from Argentina and the Laverda ML800 is an AGCO Gleaner transverse rotary, the same as the MF 9895 View attachment 804196

New Fuel Supplier On The Way

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