Trailed sprayer tractor size


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Found a 5000l chafer sprayer with 36m booms I like the look of. We are flat land and do liquid fertiliser. What size of tractor would you think is needed and what size hydraulic pump?


I’d say if it is all flat land it might be best to have the smallest tractor you can get away with for grain carting in the summer no use having a smaller one and then not being able to use it when there’s no spraying to be done


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No experience with trailed sprayer but just a thought.

Do you need to completely fill it or just perhaps 3/4 or whatever your current tractor will handle, that's pretty much what a local farmer I know does.

If you get a bigger tractor someday you've all the sprayer capacity you'll ever want.


I have a 4000l 24m Guardian here. 130hp was too small imo. Not enough weight in the tractor not to be thrown around.

Use 180hp now and it’s a much happier match.

36m booms will be quite some weight and more leverage. Not to mention bigger tank and the Sentry is an even heavier build.

Thomas Simpson

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Used to run a chafer 5000l 30m on a t7040 with liquid fert, it was fine until we hit some hills and then switched the chip in gear. 180-200 hp should be fine with no hills.


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Just been through this. We are flat and felt 175hp would be adequate, but went for 230hp as it would act as a back up to my ageing drilling tractor. I prefer the longer wheelbase of the larger tractor for transport.

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