Trailer Tyre fitting Problem

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by devonbrion1998, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. devonbrion1998

    Hi All,
    I have a very old 3 way tipping trailer and the tyres have just given out,my problem is i have the old
    wheels off and have broken them up,they are 8 stud with 8 nuts to take off to split the rims into 2 sides
    these are not split rims with the band just un bolt.
    The tyres had to be taken off with a hydraulic bead breaker they were that tight,and were 900x16 milatry type bar grips,this is where it all went wrong i came away from the tyre shop with 2 nice 900x16 P.W tyres but there was no way they were fitting over the back of the wheel,took them back and he says thats because they are tubeless and i need some old style tubed tyres,just tried that with a 7.50 16 land rover tyre and again much to tight,So i am at a real loss,i have looked on ebay the same wheels are on there and they to have 16" tyres on miles away though...Hope this makes some sence any ideas please.
  2. milkloss

    milkloss Member

    East Sussex
    Have similar here and when I have tyre trouble I will be cutting the axle off and replacing. Sorry that’s not a lot of help but this old stuff can be hard work for what it is as you’re finding out
  3. agrimax

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    Co Down
    Have a look for a couple of 18'' dumper wheels. Something like a 6 or 9 tonne will have 8 stud wheels that will usually fit straight on.You might still need to go for a lower profile tyre depending on underbody clearance but 18'' tyres are readily available and the rims are a modern type. That's what I had to do with an old bale trailer here.
  4. My local scrap yard had a big heap of axles whith wheel and tyres fitted maybe easier to just find something suitable and weld a new axle on
  5. haggard143

    haggard143 Member

    when i bought a crappy little trailer to put some feed in it had the splitable rims but someone (idiot?/genius) had put a 17.5 lorry wheel on NOT RECOMMENDED but did hold up and stayed on for a few years it was tubed (y)
  6. British rubber company bailden keighley yorkshire Have in past Had oddball stuff try them
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  7. devonbrion1998

    Yes..Cheers would like to keep the wheels on it if poss,as a trial i will try some differant sizes today got hundreds
    of old tyres round the silage pit some 17" old lorry tyres might give them a try today,Thiking that maybe a 16"split rim lorry tyre comes out a bit bigger than a modern 16" tubeless tyre, spent ages cleaning the rims up with a grinder,Just so fudgeing baffled how 16" tyres
    came off and will not go back on,just had another look on ebay implement 8 stud trailer wheels/tryres 900x16 they are the same as mine,Crazy ..can feel a new trailer coming on.Thanks again for the ideas all helps!
  8. The old 1000/16 lowloader Tyres might fit used to put them on front of loader tractor ,buggars to get on but did job ,is it an old tye trailer ,we had the wheels you mention on them with bolt together wheels
  9. norse

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    Had a similar problem many years ago when I worked on a neighbouring farm we took off the 9.00x16 ex army tyres on a Tye tipping trailer and tried to fit 825x16lorry tyres but they would not fit as the bead was flat on the army tyres but tapered on the lorry ones ,we were advised to shave a bit off the inside of the bead to make the lorry tyres fit, we used a sharp knife buy a grinder would have been a bit better,they are still going strong 35 years later .
  10. Ffermer Bach

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    valve stem on the tubeless tyres on slurry tanker perished, first place I went to get a new valve stem, did not sell that size (or his tyre supplier), I was told as it was an Irish spreader the size of the hole in the rim is not a standard uk size! I did get one, but from a tyre depot who knew about Irish kit.

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