training cows where to do their business.

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Could we train them to sh!t in a regular pattern across the field? Save on manure spreading costs. Maybe.

Well, you've got to admit it's the sort of thing scientists do! (Train the cows, that is).:LOL:

How much

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There was an article in Profi the other month of a Dutch farmer who was using cow urinals to reduce the amount pee in the slurry , it reduced significantly the emissions , increased the quality of the muck and its value as fertilizer as there was some protein i think in the pee that broke it down and made it gass off and he could i think also sell the pee for some sort of industrial process.


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Please describe how this could ever have a practical application
If they're trained to not sh!t and pee when they come into the barn then it could be very helpful for things like milking parlours.

Also if they only use one area of the pen, then they shouldn't be doing it on the bunk line which would make the ground last a lot longer if it isn't cement (and the bunk line much easier to clean up.) Could even eliminate the need for bunk lines to be cement.

If you can't think of ways it could help you obviously haven't cleaned up enough sh!t. The one frozen poo that always gets in the way of the gate opening could eff right off to the poop spot.

Lemken moves into slurry incorporation market

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Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland

Slurry application has moved forward tremendously over the past few years with the emphasis very much switching to using it as a resource rather than disposing of it as a waste product.

Even dyed in wool, tillage specialists such as Lemken are joining the movement with the company now offering what amounts to a conversion of their compact disc units to a slurry incorporation tool.

Lemken opt for Vogelsang heads​

This new product comprises a VogelSang slurry distribution head mounted on the frame of a set of Heliodor compact disc harrows.

Lemken claims that the Heliodor offers a sound basis for this type of application due to its...