travellers? and they wonder why people hate them

Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by bluebell, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. bluebell

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    Well listening to radio LBC Nick Ferrari talking about a so called traveler invasion of Cobham in leafy Surrey, the mess and vandalism, shoplifting and tapping into the water in a clubhouse on a cricket pitch to make a water feature, and the pathetic police response when the local residents in their hour of need, ask the police for help, I'm of the opinion that if something doesn't change, lets have a revolution, don't pay your taxes, don't pay council tax, join the other crowd it pays better and you have more fun?
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  2. David.

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    I could not be doing with the crap shoes and white socks.
    But seriously, they are just gleefully taking advantage of a political system and it's laws, designed by a liberal elite, which allows then to get away with it.
    What's not to like from their point of view?
  3. Paddington

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    Soggy Shropshire
    Used to pass one of their sites down there on my way to work, must have been a dozen caravans there. Locals weren't happy, but a JCB turned up one morning and started digging a ditch across the gateway, turned out the JCB "belonged" to the pikeys who were keeping police, council etc out. :rolleyes:
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  4. Exactly right. They exist because of do gooder laws.
    It simply would not be permitted in other countries.
    The police are nearly afraid of them.
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  5. Fromebridge

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    At least withhold the police force bit of your council tax?
  6. Danllan

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    Wrong, the police are afraid of them. A large proportion of 'modern' coppers will happily swank about in paramilitary type kit and won't think twice before twisting Joe Average's arm behind his back or spraying the typical yob in the face. But they will run a mile and, even, attend a reported burglary before involving themselves with the travelling scum under discussion.

    Middle class revolutions are very rare, because they have more to lose than those below them and less to win than those above them. But... if a pikey camp were to suddenly start-up in each Cabinet Minister's home village we would soon see something done.
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  7. matthew

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    You could try. But my co editor did that after his car was vandalised 5 times while parked in his driveway.
    He wanted his day in court, to explain why he was withholding the police precept.
    Instead, he was arrested at. 6am by a group of armed police, locked up and it cost a friend several £kkk to get him bailed.

    The system is somewhat skewed, methinks.
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  8. anzani

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  9. JCMaloney

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    My opinions on this matter are neither polite or politically acceptable.
    The realist says that, if the police & dvla, can set up "traps" to catch folk without insurance etc then set one up outside such camps & impound/seize every vehicle that is possibly stolen or otherwise illegal.
    And keep doing it......
  10. Still Farming

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    Glamorgan Wales
    Paper's on about it today and alledgely police telling residenrs to take pity on them as being moved on all the time ???
  11. Robt

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    |Ok, ill admit i'm biased as my brother is a policeman. He also has a family so i am bloody glad he doesnt have to tackle pikies everyday. They think nothing of knifing. He has been stabbed twice (both times in the stab vest)
    Id like to see some of the posters on here face a rabble of 20-30 somethings in full anger.... Its very easy to say the police are scared. Crime isnt like it used to be. Brother is happy to get in a scuffle but the days of scuffles are now knives and guns... would you fancy telling his wife and children he isnt coming home because he was ''hard'' and took on a pikie....
  12. If the police are not willing get the Army. Sure would if it was a knife wielding Muslim.
    Problem is knowing what to do with them or the fact no body, councils, government etc can be bothered. Dealing with the he problem can be done. Sorting the cause can't. They are not travellers. They have new Mercedes parked just round the corner from the transit and caravan. They have a wealth beyond most people.
  13. Riot police.

    If I drove around in an uninsured van and paid no council tax nor leccy nor oil and lauid where I lived to waste on someone elses property Id be in prison in short order.
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  14. Grassman

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    Seems to be discrimination really. If we did what they do the police would be on to us.
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  15. james7

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    Well this is a frightening post from you Robt.... you make it sound like if criminals are aggressive enough the police can't deal with it what sort of message is this to give out to the general public. If there are 20 to 30 of you and you are aggressive enough the law doesn't apply to you, surely it's not beyond the wit of our modern day police force to have an armed flying squad that can be sent from central location to deal with this kind of situation especially if what you are saying is true, that the local police are too frightened to deal with it. After all the travelling community only behave like this because they know they can get away with it.
  16. franklin

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    The police can't sort it out. I'm surprised more crime doesn't occur really when the responses to robbery of expensive goods is so easy and the police response so slow, timid and prone to errors of procedure. Makes you wonder the value of crime "got away with".
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  17. unlacedgecko

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    That’s what he’s employed to do. If he’s not willing to do the job, he best find a new one.

    There’s many a wife and mother been told their soldier husband/son isn’t coming home because he was “hard” and took on the IRA, the Taliban, the Argentines etc etc.
  18. Still Farming

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    Glamorgan Wales
    The Police are to up hold law and order not to Decide or do what they like ?
  19. unlacedgecko

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    North Lincolnshire
    Unfortunately you are entirely correct. Look at the response to the London riots. The police stood by and watched the rioters loot and burn.

    Police response was later deemed excessively cautious.
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  20. Still Farming

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