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Discussion in 'Precision Farming & GPS' started by TomO, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. TomO

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    We have a 750 and easy pilot. I've read about the foot swich you can get to activate autosteer, but i'd like a toggle switch that i could put on the armrest with everything else. Its on a 6195r jd with everything on the armrest, but theres a few blank spaces. Has anyone done simular? Or have any ideas if it might work?
  2. Soon_60

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    It's all explained very well in the manual. (Can be found from many different url:s)
    Page 32 - 34.

    I use EZ-Steers and there the remote engage switch gets connected to the T2-box. But in Ez-Pilot the remote engage switch seems to go to 750 screen B-port.

    However. I would really recommend You fir an EZ-Remote "joystick". It is actually a small handle with several buttons to operate steering engagement, camera views, nudge etc. It is very handy. I seldom use the foot switch anymore. This gadget comes with wires and connectors and is a plug and play. Just hook it to the can-line with all the other toys (steering, field-iq...)
  3. Yes, I'm pretty sure JD do a switch for this purpose..

    It only needs to be a simple momentary push to make switch.
    Any switch will work.

    The NH gear change buttons are quite good, you can drill a switch blank and pop one in the hole.
  4. Pedders

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    West Sussex
    whilst on the subject of trimble ...does anyone know if it would be possible to get the GPS location co-ordinates and or other data from a 750 in real time without having to use connected farm ?

    I have a project in mind and I'd like to be able to use it into Google maps ..TIA
  5. FrallyWally

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    the 750 will save a shape file witch you can but on a usb and then in to google maps pro. but for real time feed its only connected farm whit a VRS modem i belive
  6. radu

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    Don't know if it's the same with a 750 but the ez-guide 250 has a serial output for the gps data
  7. Soon_60

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    NMEA output from serial port can be used to feed position to external devices. 750 has 2 serial ports.

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