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Discussion in 'Precision Farming & GPS' started by Romeogolf, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Romeogolf

    Romeogolf Member

    Good evening all,

    I have a EZ steer plumbed into a FM750. Updated the screen to latest software, installed a range point subscription, and then calibrated the T2 terrain controller.

    When asking it to steer itself, the wheel motor is very lazy - it doesn’t spin the steering wheel quickly and keeps going past the line it’s trying to keep in a giant S shape.

    Resistance is set on 25%, agressive 120.
    Wired loom straight from battery, and was working fine on the tractor the dealer had that I bought the system from. Where am
    I going wrong, has anyone else experienced a ‘lazy motor’?

    Any thoughts gratefully received.

    Many thanks
  2. Rookie

    Rookie Member

    What are you angles per turn set at. I usually have my around 13.5 from memory.
  3. Romeogolf

    Romeogolf Member

    Thanks for your reply, yes on 13.
  4. Rookie

    Rookie Member

    Aggressiveness sounds ok. May be try around 112.
    Is your screen definitely running on rangepoint and not gone back to egnos for some reason?
    Check that the motor wheel is located correctly onto edge of steering wheel and not bouncing about.
  5. Romeogolf

    Romeogolf Member

    Hi there,

    Yes screen definitely on rangepoint, and motor sat nicely against the wheel. It just judderes and then moves the wheel very slowly, not nearly quick enough to get it to stay on line.

    One other thing worth asking - I have the main power cable wired directly to the battery. However, when I removed it from the dealers tractor there was also a ‘constant live’ wired into the system. I have not replicated that, perhaps unwisely, could that have an implication on its operation?
  6. Rookie

    Rookie Member

    Not sure.From memory My main power cable goes direct from battery to the screen, which the T2 controller piggy backs off which then powers motor.
    Think theres a motor speed setting in menu options which is slow or fast.
    Cant really help anymore. Out of ideas.
  7. Slick

    Slick Member

    Are all your measurements correct?
    Antenna to axle offset is the most important.
  8. Chickcatcher

    Chickcatcher Member

    SG9 0RS
    Sat in the Kitchen. Is there not an auto setup/calibration wizard, thats what I have used in the past and no problems.
  9. Romeogolf

    Romeogolf Member

    Thank you for your replies - measurements all correct and doubles checked, haven’t tried the calibration wizzard but will try tomorrow - thanks.

    Steering motor speed seems a likely idea, I’ll check what it’s on. It really just feels like the motor needs speeding up considerably.
  10. e3120

    e3120 Member

    As above, triple check measurements. I, ahem, put them in in mm first time, instead of cm. It shouldn't have surprised me that it handled like an oil tanker when I inputted it as such.

    First clue was that it wouldn't calibrate the angles per turn (ez pilot) because its calculation of my speed was mental when I made what it thought was an unbelievably sharp turn.
  11. Spear

    Spear Member

    If you’ve not run the setup wizard then it won’t be set to your up to your tractor.
    It needs to learn before it will work properly
  12. Drillman36

    Drillman36 New Member


    There’s two ways of getting round the problem- either up the steering agressiveness to 150% or drop the angles per turn down to about 9.

    The lower the angle per turn the more aggressive that wheel will become.

  13. Romeogolf

    Romeogolf Member

    Thankyou all for your replies, I will try out all the advice and hopefully get a straight line!

    Very grateful for your input, I will report back on my findings!


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