Triton direct seed drill


Went to see this drill yesterday it do's a fantastic job it was rock solid clay just like a road it went in and lifted all the clay into a fantastic seed bed with out mixing the top soil, The seed slot was closed tight but not sealed to tight to stop germination , The spring beans that were drilled when no other dill would travel looked very even in a fantastic seed bed. winter wheat and rape look very well for the very heavy clay they were in. On my limestone land last year had sum stubble turnips direct dill with a disk drill, they came up well but did not grow away just stayed stunted in top 2 inch of soil a disaster. My limestone needs top 4 inches breaking up as top 3 inch run together in the wet in the past oillseed rape was disaster, to direct drill sucsesfully the seed need to get there roots down, the triton do's this job perfectly I am waiting for a quote . at this moment I will buy one


there are option on the build of the drill, I have no connection with simon , is a cheap option for bad weather drilling, simple low weight drill not pulling tons around in the wet to compact the soil, it will break the compaction on my land been fine and can run together on the surface four inch down my soil is in a very good condition, this is why disk direct drills don't work on my soil. I run on the widest wheels I can to stop compaction,it will be my late drill my agromamist calls it a must have, hope to sell my other drill next year.traveled 200 miles to see it working soon as my option has been priced i will buy one.


If you buy one , will you only use it as a last chance drill for wet weather, or as your go to drill for all crops and soil types ?
no will drill with both drills I do not put all my eggs in one basket if triton drills well early my one year old drill will go, i will test first as to how good it drills early as I have not seen early trials of the drill, only sept drilled rape it looked good


may quote came through to day for my speck will order one now worth the 300 mile round trip to see the crops,seeing is beleaving


been to see triton drilled crops after cereals crops still look good. testing amino a flow to speed up growth from late drilling

Simon C

Arable Farmer
Essex Coast
I have a drill which will go in wet conditions long after anything else would have given up. What I have learnt is that just because it will go, doesn't mean that you should. Sometimes you can gamble that it will come dry after drilling and you get away with it, but mostly if you are in a wet period of weather, you will get rain after drilling as well, and you soon realise it was a waste of time.

Making a drill which is designed to go in wet conditions is barmy, in my opinion.

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