Trying to get Trimble GFX750 to talk to RDS Artemis box

Rob Holmes

Trying to get the Trimble to send a speed signal to the Artemis box, so far I have done without success:

Set the Artemis box to GPS only in top port
Matched to baud rate of both boxes

What else do I need to do?


New Member
@Rob Holmes , if you have a PSi Artemis, with a keypad on the right hand side of the display, you can't use GPS for forward speed unfortunately. It is only used for position when running a VRT map from the SD card. With this system the only option is to use a radar or similar pulsed speed signal. We have a Satspeed receiver which converts a GPS receiver signal into a pulsed output which can be used as another option.
The later touchscreen Artemis head unit can be setup for GPS forward speed, but from your description it sounds like the non-touchscreen version you have.

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